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Pine Mouth?


Anyone ever heard of this?

I googled the shit out of 'bitter taste in mouth' and various other configurations on the same topic and came across this phenomenon 'pine mouth'


I made pesto the other day and later that evening after dinner I had this taste in my mouth like orange peel! This taste will not go away! It has been attributed to eating certain varieties of pine nuts namely the small Chinese varieties.

Anyway' if someone has any info on said topic that would great cuz this taste is driving me fuckin NUTS!


Drink milk, eat some fatty meat. That should make the taste go away, no?




Its not like a shitty taste after some bad food its a sudden taste of orange peel in my mouth when I eat. This is day 3 and its still there. Every time I eat it starts, like there is something mixed in with my saliva.

Anyway' I just thought it was interesting considering I have never heard of it before and only came across it by accident.


Ive got a bad taste in my mouth brought on by nuts...

Nards starts to think (tick tock, tick tock, accompanied by a bad smell)

Sooo, the question arises, does my Mom have nuts OR...



This is bad for both of us on so many levels because...
A: Your Mom may have a ball bag (shudder)
B: I might be into she males (gag)
C: Your Dad may be getting smoked by
D: Me, which means I might be gay (heaven forbid)
E: Your parents are now cheating on each other with
F: Some sick Paddy on T-Nation (plots revenge)