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Pinching Pain in Right Trap When Bench Pressing

I experienced pain in my trapezius right above my collarbone after heavy benching about 2-3 months ago. I was also disc golfing quite a bit, and concluded my AC joint had taken a beating. I took two weeks off and came back to it before. I was mostly pain free for the first couple weeks, but now that I’m increasing my volume and weight, the nagging pain is back. It also lingers into the next day. I’ve been doing more rowing movements, working on stretches and mobility, as well as getting a lacrosse ball on it, but none of these seem to be helping. I’m wondering if I am maybe flexing my traps back too tightly, because the pain usually comes right after I’ve racked the bar. It’s only in my right side, and it seems to just get worse the more I press. I tried to ignore it as tightness when it first happened a couple months ago, but then the pain started radiating into my collarbone.

to clarify, I do have quite a bit of neck tightness that is persistent. When I look side to side, i’ll get big cracks in it sometimes. I’ve been working on mobility excercises for that as well

When you bench, could you be pushing your head back against the bench too hard?

That’s a possibility, but I spoke with my gym owner yesterday about the pain and he said it could potentially be related to a tight chest. He pressed on it some and it was quite painful so I’ve had a ball on it which has been alleviating some of the pain

Does your shoulder roll forward when you bench? (usually at the bottom)