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Pinching Feeling in the Hips w/ Squats


When I do bodyweight squats during my BJJ warm up, and when I do squats in the gym I get a painful "pinching" feeling in the front of my hips.

Anybody got any idea's why I might be getting this?


any injuries?

otherwise, i've found if i don't do deep lunges to stretch out my hip flexors, then i will get that pain from time to time....


I have it when I get near parallel in squats. Several years ago I had a muscle tear just south of the hip itself, so I think it's old scar tissue inhibiting the hip movement. It's also a hip that chronically popped/snapped on me growing up. I've used yoga, foam roller and chiro hip adjustments to help. I can do all other leg exercises normally, but back squats....still not pain-free.


Cheers for the info guys - i've had no injuries by the way, but i'll try adding deep lunges (and Bulgarian split squats with the front foot raised) as part of my warm up to see if that helps


i've had similar problems and found foam rolling my quads and rolling my glutes over a tennis ball regularly helps to get rid. Especially foam rolling the rectus femoris and sartorius.

Purely anecdotal however.


I had similar problem. Pinching in the front of the hip so you can't train harder or go deeper. I never thought it would go away but it did.

Work on your squat mobility, stretch your adductors. Coach Ripp just put up an article that goes into more detail on one of his livespills.