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Pinching a New Log


So it's 2009 and time for phase 3 in my training.
Last year I was 288lbs on January 1, I dieted until October down to 214lbs but wasn't happy with my lack of muscle and decided to gain some weight back.

I went from 214lbs up to 237lbs the Saturday after Christmas and began dieting down again the following Monday. As of right this last Saturday I was 234lbs.

Goals this time around are to get rid of my gut or diet until May, which ever comes first. I don't care about seeing abs, I do care about maintaining as much strength and muscle as I can.
The training will be a modified 5x5 and the diet will be low carb around 3000 calories a day for the time being.


Yesterday I started my new training, here it is, my modified 5x5.

Back squat
275 5x5

Reverse hypers
30lbs 4x8

Leg curls
140 2x5
150 3x5

Front Squat
135 2x10
185 4x5

Calf raise
315 5x5

This was brutal, legs are fried today but the volume was about right.

This weekend I'll get measurements and pictures.


Looking good, keep busting ass.. you'll get there.. If I hit 200 I'm gonna start adding muscle, starting strength program will be necessary.. thats if I hit 200.

Not a goal, just a standard if then statement..

If I can maintain weight I think I'll give 10/10 another go..it really did get me pretty 'ripped' and if I follow it 100% I can only imagine what it'll do.


thanks man. I want to try that 10/10 still but am waiting for that and CF for when I've stalled out, right now I'm trying to do the minimum to lose weight. Gotta keep something in the tank.


Yesterdays training:

205 3x5
204 2x4

Bent row
175 5x5

Incline DB bench
75 2x5
65 2x5

DB chest supported row
55 2x5
65 2x5

BW 5x5

Face pulls
100 5x5

General AB work.

My legs are toast this morning, Mondays leg training was a bitch and I'm sure tomorrow my chest and back will be fried too.


No training today, I did climb a ladder all day today so I got in some good NEPA activity.

Diets been solid, beef, beef and beef with a few almonds/cashews, some green shit and a couple protein shakes.


232.8 this morning, not bad for 10 days of dieting 5lbs.
Today is supposed to be another leg day but I'm still really sore so I'm going to switch today and Friday. Arms it is.


Been busy the last few days so I haven't had a chance to log much. Weight this morning was 234, pretty sure my unscheduled cheat meal last night did me in. Pregnant wife wanted Thai food, my criptonite so I had a fat plate of Pad Thai for dinner. It's all good, I've got time and won't have my regularly scheduled cheat Sunday.

Thursdays training:

Supenated pull downs
85 1x15
120 1x10
160 1x5
190 5x5

DB Triceps extensions
55 1x10
65 1x8
85 5x5

EZ curls
65 1x10
85 4x5

Rope push downs
60 4x5

preacher curl machine
95 4x5

This was supposed to be leg/shoulders day but my legs were still sore from Mondays work, I think it may have been more the climbing ladders all day on Wednesday and Thursday more so than lifting Monday but we'll see next week. If I'm this sore next week I'll need to tone down the session a bit.
Today I will be doing my leg and shoulders work.
Hope to get some photos and measurements today.


Leg/shoulder day, mostly shoulder.

185 1x6
235 1x5
305 3x5

Military press
115 2x5
135 3x5

Reverse Shrugs
185 1x10
235 5x5

Front plate raise
45 5x5

Decent workout, my deadlift technique was pretty off, haven't done them in 2-3 months, the weight felt really light and my legs had plenty more in the tank, however my back did not. I couldn't get a good lock out and finally felt a bit of a tweak so I stopped.

Tried behind the back shrugs, used to do them all the time but forgot about them. Behind the back hits my traps much better than on the front. Over all a quality session.


Pictures: These are from today @234lbs. Lots of fat to lose.


one more


Just got back from HIT run/walk.

walk 5min
run 2 min
walk 5 min
run 2 min
walk 5 min
run 2 min
walk 8 min

Now I'm having an 8oz KC strip and 6-7 Brussels sprouts.

Tonight is legs, do work!


Tonights training was very slow going and had to be cut short but my legs did get blasted. Probably shouldn't have starting HIIT today, might have gotten through it all.

135 2x10
225 1x5
305 2x5
305 1x4
265 1x5

Leg curls
190 5x5

Reverse hypers
30 2x8
40 4x5

Calf raise
400 2x10

Misc abs later in the night.

I skipped front squat for lack of time, my legs are pretty sore still.


Upped every lift tonight, at least did more reps than last week, it was good.

205 4x5
205 1x4

Bent row
185 5x5

Incline DB press
60 1x10
75 4x5

Chest supported row
65 4x5

BW 5x5

Face pulls
110 4x5

Diets been good but I haven't given any real details so he's an average day.

10oz burger

2nd meal
8oz steak

3rd meal
8oz steak
brussels sprouts

4th meal
8-10oz meat
Surge on training days

5th meal
sometimes I'll have
2 tbsp pb and 4 eggs

Tomorrow I'll weigh in again, hope to have lost a few pounds, jeans are fitting better.


233.8 this morning. Thinking of replacing a meal with a shake to drop from calories.
I'm sore as hell this morning, my entire body feels like I've been beaten down.
Today I'm going to get in some form of HIIT.


Yesterday was a non lifting day, so I went cardio crazy. Did a 30 min interval walk/run, rode the bike for 30 min and did some stretching.


10oz burger

8oz strip steak

8oz sirloin fillet
something, should have written it down

2 scoops LCMD
2 tbsp PB
super food

8oz fillet

4 eggs
2 tbsp PB


Are you on the Atkins diet? Your diet looks horrible, all you have is protein and doesn't look healthy at all. Generally you want 40% protein, 40% carbs, 20% fat. Doesn't matter if you lose weight but have a heart attack.

You need carbs for energy and recovery.

Good luck.


I'm not on Atkins, FYI Atkins didn't die from a heart attack. I'd say some very good trainers on this site would disagree with your opinion.
Well thanks for visiting.


I would say his diet is fine, its not a life diet, its a diet.

I'm sure when he moves into sustainment those needs will change a bit..

DDay keep pushin, and don't listen to the negative people.. :slight_smile:


Thank you sir.