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Pinched Nerve?


On Monday i was doing a barbell shoulder press and on the second set, fourth rep or so, my left hand immediately went numb and the numbness shot down through my arm. I had to rack the weight, and after 10 seconds i grinded out the last rep (though the reason of discomfort was not muscle tiredness, but the pain coming from the webbing between my thumb and index finger)

at first i thought it was the "pressure point" that most people know about for relieving stress. and it well could be, but i am not so sure because it is not in the same place...

Please, if you have had any similar experiences, or if you have any clue what this is, tell me and tell me what i need to do to recover ASAP. Thanks!


see a reputable chiro as soon as you can, preferably one that is certified in Active Release or Graston Technique.


I had a similar experience occur when I was running once. I had three fingers go completly numb. I immediately went to my Chiropractor (he is very good) and he resolved the problem right away. It was a pinched nerve in my neck.


See a physical therapist. Much better off for fixing you. Anyway, you are having referred pain from either your radial or median nerve depending if the pain was primarily felt on the anterior portion or the posterior portion.