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Pinched Nerve

So I slept on the floor the Saturday night and since sunday morning my ring finger, pinky finger and the side of my forearm have been tingling.

Now the research I have done on the net and this site leads me to believe I might a pinched nerve. I am making an app. to see my doc but in the meantime anyone had a good outcome with this? I was also curious if I should let up my training. I am currently using CT’s OVT. Any ideas?

Ok, this is just for reference. I talked to one of the PT guys at my work and he said most likely the tingling will go away. He did say the Ulnar nerve is the culprit and it has many places along the shoulder, arm, and neck that can be pinched.

He did still recommend to keep my doc appt. just to be safe. It could be starting symptoms of Cubittal tunnel syndrome. He also said to stretch my neck and keep my shoulder loose throughout the day. It will help eleviate any discomfort. I keep posting any new info.

Dr. Banner,

Sounds like the ulnar nerve. You would also want to rule out C8 radiculopathy.

What position did you sleep in?

Are your symptoms constant or intermittent?

What positions or movements seems to make them better or worse?

Take care,


Dr. R,

I usually sleep on my stomach or side.

The symptoms come and go, and there are a few movements that seem to make my hands tingle. I sit at a desk in front of a computer and I know that pressure directly to the nerve can create the problem. Some movements to my rotator cuff also make the sensation worse. Also some stretching of the neck can bring it on.

This has never happened in the past so I don’t want to make the problem worse. The symptoms are not as bad as yesterday, which is good I just don’t want to aggravate it so I am taking it easy. I am going to stop training until I get a reasonable answer on whether or not I can continue.

Thanks for the response Dr. Ryan!

After looking into the C8 rad. I do have some pain in my lower neck area of my spine. Its right between my traps. It comes and goes, but it has been consistent for about two months. I will mention the C8 rad. to my doc.