Pinched Nerve

I think I pinched a nerve in my left trap whilst deadlifting. I can’t turn my head all the way to the left without pain and every time it happens it takes days to recover. Anyone know of any ways to recover quicker? I’ve been doing high-rep sets of shrugs, hise shrugs, and over-head shrugs every morning to get the blood flowing but it’s been three days and I can’t lift.

Start with some actual rest.

Does the pain shoot down your arm or up into your neck? Do you awake stiff? Have you ever suffered a similar injury? Have you any systemic cardiovascular or neurologic disease?

Which specific motions cause the pain?

Go get ART right now! It’ll fix you up in like 30 min. I trapped a nerve up near my armpit doing dips (thought it was a bicep strain), waited 2 weeks, nothing doin’ (better, but not functional), went to see an ART practioner, 30 painful minutes later I’m good to go! Don’t wait for it to get better by itself, it’s worth the $50 (or less hopefully).

Stop doing shrugs…it sounds like you have a major muscle spasm going on and contracting that muscle over and over again is going to inflame it more. Let it rest. Sounds like you have something going on in either you trap of levator scapula. ART will help, also ask the practitionor to test your range of motion around your neck, this will help him determine what muscle is causing the problem. You also probably need to strengthen you cervical flexors.

Without more information, I cannot give you any specific advice. If it is muscular in nature ART should be effective. I would suggest you find competent physical therapist in your area who specializes in manual therapy to do a thorough assessment of your problem. The reason why I suggest this is because it is possible the joints in your neck are causing the problem. I have treated numerous patients who believe they have a pinched nerve when actually they have a stiff facet joint. It is also possible that the nerve is not actually pinched, but is not moving as it should. In this case, neurodynamics is the way to go. More than likely, your treatment should consist of all three, joint mobilizations, neurodynamics, and soft tissue work. A good manual therpaist would easily be able to incorporate all of these treatments into your plan of care.

If you want more specific information, just reply and I will help as much as I can.

It’s been four days and the pain and stiffness are all but gone. I need to find an ART practitioner in my area in case this happens again. I’ll be taking a few weeks off from deadlifting as well to let it rest. Thanks everyone for the replies.

Glad to hear it cleared up.