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Pinched nerve

I started OVT today, and it is awesome. The only bad part is a pinched nerve that kept me from completing the flat bench/flye superset. I warmed up and stretched properly, and worked my way through the set, but that forth set killed me. I was benching 155(please hold your laughter), and I felt this electric-like twinge, and my right arm collapsed, dropping the 155 on my chest. Luckily, one guy helped me to re-rack. What’s even worse, is that the flyes were next to impossible. I even dropped to 15 Lb. dumbbells, and could barely move my right arm. Ladies everywhere were bragging about how much weight they were using. One even handed me a pair of pink plastic db’s and laughed. I then went on to the inclines, only using my left arm and db’s. I drank half of my surge, and tried to do the pulldowns and rows one armmed, but stopped short. I finished my surge, crawled out of the gym, and went home. Moral of the story: OVT good, pinched nerves suck. -The Starkdog

Sounds like the people in your gym need to change their attitudes. Anyway, how do you know it’s a pinched nerve? Are you sure you didn’t pul it or tear it? If it’s only a pinched nerve, the healing should come relatively quickly as long as you don’t trymlifting too soon. If it’s a tear or pull, you’ll have to get back into it slowly and swallow your pride. Next time, if you have that much pain, just stop and go home. Get ice on it right away and relax it.