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Pinched Nerve/Shoulder Pains

Hey everyone. I have had some issues with my OHP. I pinched a nerve almost a year ago and have gotten better but found issues along the way. I was sore for a few weeks went and saw a sports chiropractor. He gave me some exercises as my head was very forward and straining the nerves and causing some issues which Is common now a days. He appeared to be helping but after the second or third visit I got home and 20 minutes later it felt as if I had just injured my shoulder\ arm again.

I finally decided to go to my doctor who sent me to a physical therapist to help me out. I went there and it seemed they felt I needed to strengthen my secondary muscles. They gave me more exercises which some helped but nothing seemed to be strengthening my back. I have found that im getting better but its slow. I have become much more aware of my upper body and the issues that cause the injury to flair up. One of the things that I have recently noticed is I have poor posture and it effects me bad. I came across a sling type device that helps pull the shoulders back and keep you in a good posture, A donnie thompson bowtie.

I was wondering if anyone had heard of this or had any advice on how to correct posture over time?

You are probably weak off the starting position, and you didn’t warm up properly. Icing won’t help. Do dynamic stretches before OHP and be sure to train rear delts before commencing on any pushing work. Lastly, do ext. rotation work pre- and post-workout.

The postural training is to prevent impingement when you recline your back (lordosis), your shoulders cave inwards and the propensity for tissue friction is higher.

That sounds spot on to my issues, my shoulders inwards and hence I notice more pain than normal. I will try some stretches and delt work to see if I can build up some strength. Anything you suggest that works better over some other stretches?

Hang on a pullup bar. Pull till the elbow joint(s) are at 90 degrees. Flutter forward and backwards to mobilize the joint. It works terrifically well (pardon the spelling). No this is not an ad. I do it to create hypertrophy in the scapula when nobody’s around. Come on, use your imagination. Don’t copy what others are doing. Be proud of yourself and create your own warm-ups.

not trying to copy just trying to get better so I can start to make some real gains with my press