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Pinched Nerve Left Elbow


Any advice on how can i fix this?I have this nerve on my left elbow that sometimes "electrocutes" my arm and it feels like hell...

After further research i found out its the ulnar nerve thats xausing the problem,god damn it i dont want surgery, im afraid of needles....Any way to fix this?Basically i get that tibgling sensation almost everytime i rest my elbow on something solid.


I wouldn’t worry about surgery just yet. I suffer with ulnar nerve problems and the best thing you can do right now is loosen up the tissues that surround the nerve, starting up by the neck, through the shoulder and chest area and finally the entire arm (either SMR or go for a massage). It could just be the nerve is being compressed somewhere, ideally you’d go see a good chiropractor.


I have the same thing happen to me. When I am working at my desk my fingers will start to go numb on my right hand. Told my chiro about it and now when I see him (monthly) he always sets my elbows and has his therapist do ART or deep tissue on the muscles around my elbow. That has eliminated it by 80%.