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Pinched nerve in shoulder


For the past couple days, I've been experiencing shoulder problems (specifically, my left shoulder). Along with limited ROM, extremely reduced strength, and pain when moving the joint, I have this weird tingling/numb sensation that travels down through my elbow and into my hand.

After a bit of reading, I've self-diagnosed this as a pinched C5 nerve. I plan on going to the chiropractor within the week, but in the mean time, does anybody have any advice/suggestions to help with my recovery? I've never had an injury like this (plenty of shoulder problems, but nothing like this), and I don't want to do anything that will hamper my progress. I'm currently training for a powerlifting meet in July, so I need to get back on track as quick as possible.

Any rehab exercises, or ideas for work-arounds in the gym would be greatly appreciated.