Pinched Nerve in Lower Back

So about the middle of May I hurt my lower back doing deadlifts. I thought I could push through it and kept going through my workouts. Then when I was doing squats, I felt my back really give out, same spot on the left side.
I took about 2 weeks off of weights and was only doing body weight exercises. Tried to do squats again and was feeling fine but 2 days later I was in bad shape again, this time sharp pains in my lower back on the left side spreading to my groin.
Anyone else have similar experiences? Any advice on what to do so I can back in the gym?

If this pain persists you better see a physiatrist or orthopedist that specializes in the back. Halt all compresssive exercises. See my lengthy post on training with a back injury, herniated discs to be specific. 5/3/1 & Back Injuries - #13 by BrickHead
Also see Dr. Rusin’s guide to training with back pain on his site.