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Pinched Nerve from BP?

I beleive I managed to pinch my Ulnar nerve during bench press after changing my form. I have benched twice since changing my form and both times I woke up at least once with a tingling in my hand and soem soreness between the shoulder blades the next day. (both signs of an irritated ulnar nerve) The symptoms are very minor and affect both arms and last time went away after a day. I’ll describe my old and new form and if anyone can suggest what changes may have contributed to this I’d appreciate it.

My old set up consisted of laying back flat on the bench with relaxed shoulders, taking a wide grip (about 80cm between index fingers) and lifting the weight off the rack and benching. My last set before changing my setup was 3 reps at 205.

My new set up consisted of laying back and making a small arch (maybe 4 in), pulling my shoulder blades together tight and pushing them into the bench. Then I grab the bar with a slightly narrower grip (about 70cm) and squeeze hard while pulling the bar towards me, then I push it up off the rack and do my presses.

I like the new method better as it feels more stable but I seem to be doing something to irritate one of my nerves. I think it’s either the arch or pulling my shoulder blades together that is causing the problem. If anyong can see something that I’m doing that could increase the possibility of pinching a nerve please let me know. Thanks.


Your form sounds good but you might have some GH socket issues. Work into the new routine with higher rep sets.What are you long term goals: Powerlifter,muscle,what? Dont let your humerus lower past your body.It is unneccesary for pec development. But it is probably just the intens work with a new motor pattern. PM me for questions…