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Pinched Nerve and Pec Contraction?

Hey guys so about 6 weeks ago i pinched a nerve pretty bad in my back. Im not sure which nerve it was or how it happened. I woke up stretched in bed hear a weird pop and the pain came the next day. Over the course of 6 weeks i had muscle spasms tingling shooting going from the left side of my upper back down arm. and weakness in my left tricep and left peck, as well as muscle atrophy in the left peck and tricep. it got better The strength came back in my tricep there was a time i couldn’t execute a tricep extension with a 10 lbs dumbbell. But over the course of time strength has returned.Today was my first attempt back at the gym. I of course experienced fatigue quicker on the left side but over all not too bad i was able to bench 135 then i brought weight down to 125 which i was more comfortable with.

But a strange thing i noticed was it felt like my left peck was flexing mostly on the outside but the inner portion of the peck was very soft. Almost as if either

A) the muscle is incredible small on the inside
B) the muscle is not contracting on the inside.

Also the left peck is incredibly soft even when flexing.

I’m not really sure. I just graduated college and am starting a job in a month and I will then be getting health insurance so i cant see the Doc for another month.

My Questions are as follows:
1.) has anyone experienced anything like this?
2.) if so how long was recovery time
3.) PLEASE advice on rehabilitation for this! I benched today but felt like i shouldn’t (my shoulder is kind of tender at the acromion area now I’m assuming because it was too much weight) I’m not sure of what exercises to do to rehab the muscle rather than trying to build the muscle if that makes sense.

Also should mention that i can flex the muscle AKA “peck dance” of course its not as powerful as my right but i can do it. also if i press on the peck i can feel flex underneath the fat.