Pin Technique?

This is a very vague question, but I just finished myfirst vial, and lost half my last pin trying to get it out of the vial. ( the pin came out a bit and the test just dripped out like 5 drops! ) is there a trick to doing this? I held it upside down like most methods and tried to hold the pin at the level the test was at in the vial.

Thanks for the input guys.

I don’t know how your pin came out… did you twist it? It shouldn’t come out unless you twist the needle section.

What size pin are you using? 5 drops should be miniscule

No I mean the pin came out if the bottle, I was holding the vial upside down trying yo hold the pin so it would still draw the last bit of test. When it slipped out, the oil dropped out of that spot I presume from the air pressure? I don’t know

I use 22 g to draw with

I know what you mean. Get a longer draw needle so t can hit the bottom of the container and you can pull the opposite way. Otherwise just be careful. I was thinking about this since my first bottle is almost gone.

Never reapply had that problem, oil should nor be coming out of the rubber stopper, maybe poor quality vial/stopper, maybe you injected too much air into it creating too much pressure.

I think I did put to much air, I push the whole needle in with air. Ill try less next time

Holy shit yeah way too much, if your using a 22g there really isn’t even any reason to push in air at all

Really ey? Ok great ill change my methods up, thank you for the help!