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Pin Small To Get Big (4th Cycle, Opinions)


Hello and welcome all.
I'm new to this site and frankly looking for critics and judges on my next cycle.
I'm 5'7" 220 lb 14% BF 24 YO
Been training for about five years now.
I've ran three cycles.
Test E 500 mg x 10 weeks
Test E 500 mg x 12 weeks
Test E 500 mg and EQ 600 mg x 16 weeks
I've never taken a PCT due to never having issues with nips or testes.

Now that I want to pursue competition, I'm asking advice and help on doing my next cycle because I want to ensure everything goes as clean as possible.
Got a real good pharma quality gear that I'm using including lab work and mass specs on all their gear, so I'm actually unsure how strong I should go.

My plan is as follows:
Test C 250 mg WK 1-16
EQ 500 mg WK 1-16
HCG 1000 IU WK 12-16 and two weeks post
Anavar 50 mg ED WK 12-16
PCT is arimidex 40/40/30/20
And also clomid 40/40/30/20

I've always ran enanthate and want to try Cyp due shorter ester and overall cleaner bulk.
I know my PCT works, so please advise me on that.
Any other advice and help is greatly appreciated.


cyp is not used for a 'cleaner bulk'. I have no idea what that's even supposd to mean. And 250mg is just barely over TRT level, using pharma grade gear. I would run the test at 500 as you have previously.

Arimidex is not a pct drug. it should be run UNTIL you start the PCT. Are you sure you don't mean Nolvadex?

I'm also curious about a couple things. How long were you 'off' in between each of your 3 previous cycles? And how much did you gain from them? Do you have any numbers that could help quantify your results (bodyweight, lifts, pictures, etc)?

What sort of competition are you pursuing? I'm assuming bodybuilding or physique?


you're playing a dangerous game cycling without PCT


^ what he said

Test 250 is not much of a boost. bump it up to 500
HCG 250iu twice a week should be sufficient. Higher dose won't do you any good.
use adex on sycle, not on PCT


Why would you do mass specs on pharmaceutical products? EQ is vet grade, though I sometimes call it "pharma grade" for simplicity's sake as long as it comes from a licensed manufacturer(NOT contracted for production and distributed by a UGL).


stop EQ at week 14, the ester takes much much longer to clear than test c


that's pretty impressive stats. after 3 cycles, you are big enough to compete at national level. we should be asking u for advice