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Pin Size


Recently my pin order got messed up. I typically draw with 23 G 1" pins and shoot with 25 G 1.5". For some reason all that showed up were 23 G 1".

Is there any reason why the extra half inch on the pin length should make any difference? What do you guys use?

BTW. I'm talking about for oil based gear


I don't think it will hurt you. If your pinning in the shoulders or leg you good to go. I would rather have 1.5 for going in the ass, but thats just me, IMO. A lot of it depends on how big a guy, bodyfat %.

Where do you normally pin?



Usually I pin in the ass. I have very low bf though...so I'm thinking the 1" isn't an issue. And I'll just place an order for 25 G 1.5 ers for next week.

I only need to get through one week.

On a side note...I did pin in my shoulder once. It was a winny shot. I woke up later that night....good god!! It hurt like bastard. I considered an emergency room visit it was so bad. Something had to have gone terribly wrong.

Course in the morning I was fine, but I won't try that again.