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Pin size

What size pins should I be using for everyday injections? Insulin pins?

Also, how many days should I wait before hitting the same spot again?

I recommend drawing your oils with a 22 guage and injectiong with 25-27 guage needles. In small muscles, give yourself at least 4 days between injections (to be on the safe side) on muscles such as the vastas lat (quad), you can inject eod since you don’t have to inject in the exact same spot.


Insulin pins work best for ED injections. They are what i use to hit my bis/tris/pecs etc. If you’re hitting areas with more fat covering them, you might want to use a 25g 1" needle, because the slin pins are only 1/2" long and dont penetrate deep enough in my quads and arse.

I only use insulin needles for my INSULIN (hence why they are CALLED INSULIN NEEDLES!) and my GH.

I use 23 gauge pins for everything… withdrawl and injection, including site injections. I only use 22 gauge for glutes because I can never find 1-1/2" pins in a 23 gauge size. Always make sure you penetrate the muscle DEEPLY for every site.

Other than that, DON’T BE AFRAID OF NEEDLES! I will never understand the tolerance to pain, or the lack of, for some wanting to use AAS. Good luck.