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Pin Size for EQ

I am getting ready to order for my next cycle, which will consist of Test E and EQ. Planning on using a blend of the two, with some extra EQ added to the injection.

Question is, will EQ fit through smaller pins (27ga and smaller)? I ask, because I found through personal experience that test will, while primo will not. Figured I’d ask around and find out before I start drawing and can’t get it back out (managed to do that with primo in a slin pin - ended up wasting most of 0.5ml).

I have a couple options, as I have 1ml slin pins (around 30 ga if I recall) which I would like to use, but can move to syringes with 27ga or even 23ga (I’ll just need to order a few more syringes).

EQ SEEMS to be less thick than test E from my experience. I guess concentration is relevant, but there’s almost no way 27ga would be a problem, and even 30 is likely fine.

All injectables can come in different thicknesses depending on the mix etc - you’ll have to experiment and see if the EQ you have access to works with a fine needle like a 27. Just ensure if you prefer a thin needle that the length is still enough to reach the muscle tissue - you don’t want any of these to end up in your fat or just under the skin (in theory it will absorb eventually but way more risk of infection and just not efficient). To be honest, I would just go for a 23ga and then you’re good to go…is there a reason you require something very fine? Sounds like you’re using insulin needles - get into the habit of using proper long syringes…we would all love to do our shots with insulin needles haha but just not the way to go really.

I’ve been doing TRT for about a year now since my last cycle ended. Due to the small amount injected (using Test E 250, 0.25ml injected E3D) I’ve been using slin pins into either the lats or quads (relatively low bodyfat areas). The mix I am planning on ordering would be Test E/EQ at 200 each per ml, so that may thicken it up a little (possibly?).

My cycle plan is 1ml E3D, and would most likely be using full needles at either 27 or 23ga. I have some 1ml slin pins, but they are still no more than 3/4" length at best (so probably too short).

I haven’t decided on cycle length yet - either 8 or 12 depending on some potential scheduling issues - so I am ordering a separate vial of EQ 200 in order to up the EQ dosage. Planning mainly a recomp cycle, but a little muscle gain wouldn’t be a bad thing. Just don’t want to put on too much from where I am - I’m 6’ and hovering around 220-225. I think I’d be fine at up to 235, but don’t want to go above that. Still need to be able to move, so any weight gain has to stay below the point of getting in my own way. And to clarify upping the EQ dosage after saying that, everyone I’ve read that used EQ said it takes a while to kick in which is why everyone uses it for longer cycles. But I’ve also read of people who used it as short as 8 weeks and still saw the results they wanted, and some of those advocated going a little higher for the shorter cycle (in my case, that would be an average of 466mg/week vs 583-700mg/week depending on how much EQ I add). And to answer that question, I would prefer to keep it at the lower end for this first one (never used EQ before).

OK, long drawn out post over.

It can fit through a 30G, I have done it multiple times, a 27G will be fine.

I use 30g for everything. Just need a steady hand and some patience. Great for small daily injections but not if youre a 3cc’r.

I use 1ml barrel with 1in/25ga needles and can push anything through them but still with a little less pain than the 23ga. Also the narrower barrel makes it easier to inject. If you ever have trouble with the 27-30ga simply warm it up first and you should be fine.

I had some winny 15 years ago i could only pull out with 18 gauge, fuck that , winny works orally so i drank it. But slin needles really, if had to pin daily maybee, can you put 27 gauge needle on 3ml carriage from my 23?