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Pin Questions


Need some help/opinions please

  1. BD vs Terumo. Is there any difference besides price?

  2. 25ga vs 27ga. Is a 27 too small for test and eq? I don't mind taking my time to inject.

  3. If I'm gonna do a 3 ml injection will a 3 ml syringe be big enough or is a 5ml a better choice?

Thanks for the help guys


  1. i prefer BD's over Terumo's...just a personal preference as i find the BD's a little more user friendly.

  2. what sites are you injecting? genereal rule of thumb is 23 ga 1 1/2" for glutes, 25 ga 1" for quads and delts.

  3. a 3ml syringe will work just fine, so would a 5....try them out and pick which you prefer.


Thanks juice. Anyony else have some input?


I am using Exel's right now. I have used terumo's before. I think it is just what you like best, and price usually has something to do with it.

I use all 25ga. X 1" or 1.5" depending on the injection site. I have never used 27ga, but I guess if you get your oil nice and warm (I put my loaded syringe in a heating pad and stick it under my pillow while I am showering) it should work okay.

IMO if you are going to be pushing 3ml, get a 5ml barrel. It is easier to control when the plunger isn't drawn all the way out - especially if you are injecting yourself.


Personally I use a 23g 1" for quads and 1.5" for glutes. I'm a sissy and I push the pin in VERY slowly.

As far as what brand I don't think it really matters.

One thing you may have already noticed is you might touch the needle to your skin in one area and experience pain but the next time you do it you hit a slightly different spot and it's almost completely pain free.



does no one inject in the shoulder anymore? =(


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Always try for the upper quadrant of your buttock. There is actually research to show that there is better gains to be made injecting into the buttock than anywhere else on the body. And don't push too slowly, it's actually worse if you go slow.


I'm suprised you can reach your delts these days Bushy, considering the width of your shoulders;-D


But Bushy's CRAZY!! And I mean that in the nicest way possible


Thanks for all the replys guys. I just spent 5 min "practicing" with an insullin pin I had used to dose a some liquaclen last year LOL. Getting used to the one handed technique, although I think I'm flexable enough to use two hands.


I use 23guage x 1.5" for the glute pin.

25 guage x 1" for a delt or quad pin. as far as bd or terumo goes, you won't feel any difference! I think more emphasis needs to be on pinning the right way and doing it clean. I draw with an 18 and pin with the 23 or 25.

It is not a bad idea to let your gear sit on a heating pad for a while also.It makes all the difference in the world bro. Good luck and I hope I helped you some.

Get Swole,


Are you sure? Can ypou show study? not arguing...


Why is it worse to go slow?


Study is good as I understand that.It also doesn't hurt to listen to people that pin the juice.Been there and done that bro that is what you get here.



How slow is too slow?


I just find it more painful if I push the needle in slow. For me it's the same principle as removing elastoplasts. You just don't want to do it slow:smiley:


I wasnt talkin about the needle but the oil.....gotcha


I damned if I can find the study again. I only read it recently, but like the asshole I am, I didn't bookmark it. I've even checked my browser history, but to no avail.

The study took four groups. One group injected into the glute, one the delt, one the vastus, and one the bicep. A blood test was used to determine the concentration of AAS in their system, and the glute group showed a higher absorbtion rate.

My apologies Caladin for not being able to find you the original study. I'll keep googling till I track it down.



Are you referring to the ventro-gluteal site?