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Pin Question


I found that I can get a large number of pins locally, and any chance I can get to not have syringes sent to my dorm is a big plus. The only thing is, most people seem to recommend 25g 1/2" pins for quad injections. The place I'll be obtaining them only has 29G in 1/2", will that be sufficient for test e quadriceps injections?


I've never gone to 29s but 27s work fine. it will just be slow injecting. be sure to warm up the TE under some warm/hot running water first.


A 29g needle will be hard as shit to get test thru if it's on a 3CC barrel. If it's on a slin pin, you should be fine as long as you're using a CC or less per shot.

You could always get a local PO box for cheap to get your pins shipped there.

It's not illegal to obtain syringes. Sure, it's suspicious... but you could always say you ordered them so you can pop pimples with them if it REALLY turns into an ordeal. (I've had dermatologists do this)


Great advice from rrjc. I wouldn't work with a 29


Good call. Forgot about the barrel size. I use 28ga slins for HCG and they're real smooth, granted thats a sub-q inj not IM.


I believe the pharmacy has them in 25g, so I think everything will turn out just fine.


I'm not sure about the laws in your state, but in Texas you can walk into any Walgreens and get them from the pharmacy for like 30 cents.


It's much the same here, only they require you to give your ID, address, and phone number.


Then it's well worth it to just do that. If it makes you feel better though, maybe you should get someone else you trust to get them so your info's not out there just in case you get caught down the road. Unlikely but you never know man...