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Pin Problem With Skin Thickness


Hi to all,
I have tried to pin my biceps (cause in the next weeks I'll start with IGF and I need to specialize my spot injection knowledge).

I can't do the IM cause the skin is "thick" and it "bends".

Also i have problem stretching the skin with only one hand...


So what exactly are you asking for man? Sorry man, but I'm not sure to what to say here.... maybe be a bit more specific?


Sorry, my English is really poor and I posted during an "heavy debugging session" :slight_smile:

I need to do IM in my biceps.
I have to do it alone.
With only one hand I have problem to do that task 'cause the skin "bend", it is too much "elastic" and the needle doesn't pierce it

It is weird.. I know.. :\


I experienced a similar occurance when I attempted to shoot biceps with IGF. It almost felt like the needle wasn't sharp enough to puncture the skin. My skin would dip in slightly as opposed to the needle breaking it and sliding in.

I always shot pwo so I had a good pump in my biceps and that helped a little as far as tension on the skin. I was using a 30g 1/2cc insulin pin and I found the biceps to be the most uncomfortable of all spot injections.

What I ended up doing to get the pin in was apply bursts of pressure, not stabbing myself but I would put the needle against my bicep and push in. The skin would bend in a little and at that point with a little more force the needle would pop through the skin and slide all the way in. I know it doesn't sound appealing but that was the only way I was able to get the needle in.


2thepain has a good method. Other methods are depressing the skin with the needles and then turning the needle a bit, like a drill. It sounds painful but the needles is so small it doesn't hurt any more than normal, especially with a slin pin.

My favored method is to flex the bicep (not too intensely, just enough to make it solid), insert the needle (the skin won't stretch because the muscle is flexed), relax the bicep but don't extend the arm (because the muscle will move, and with the needle in it it won't feel pleasant), aspirate/inject. I do this same thing with my chest and triceps and it works just fine.


You could also taunt the skin with the outer part of the side of your hand before you try to inject. That will stabilize the flesh, since it will be stretched out.

In case I'm not making myself very clear, pull down on the skin of your bicep with the side of your hand while you hold the pin with your thumb and fingers.


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I take it that you came to that conclusion through personal experience. I was under the impression prior to my first IGF run that it was site specific.

However, I was confused when all my lifts started to go up and noticable muscular changes were occuring in muscles that were not being injected IM. My personal experience leans towards IGF being systemic as well. It makes me feel better that Bushy thinks so as well.


I also feel that IFG is not site specific, but I like to inject it into place I don't inject AAS so that I'm not always poking the same area. I'm sure it doesn't matter, but it makes me feel better about possibly not building up scar tissue.

At first I did notice some site-enhancing effects of IFG, but after four rounds with it I chalked it up to it being on par with SEO, though to a much lesser extend due to the lower volume.


So I guess because it is not site specific this would also do away with the need for bi-lateral injections. I am happy we cleared this little misconception up because my peptide injection protocol just got 10x easier. Using my old protocol along with AAS and HCG I was doing 20 injections per week.


I have noticed a similar problem with my 1.5 " 25g needles .... I have found the "drill method" to work ok but I also found that for me to use a very wet alcohol pad and let it stay on the spot and rub slightly for say 15 sec will help loosen the surface tension of the skin ...

allow to dry some and it seems to work ok that way but after the skin is broke the 25g is like butter you have to really pay attention to feel it slide in < not that I care to notice> I just laugh when I thought about how much of a pussy I was on my first injection. If none of this works just slap yourself around some and get pissed and then poke. JK.



So IGF is not site specific?
Damn... I hope to get some little help with my shitty arms...

However this is the solution of the problem :slight_smile:
no double side IM, and I can pin where it's easy... on the quad :smiley:

It is safe to pin on the top of the quad? I usually pin the external side, but... :slight_smile:


I am curious as to everyones thoughts on timing of injections. Would a simple anytime once a day injection be alright? I was previously only shooting pwo, but since we've disproved the site specific growth factor pwo in theory would not be needed.