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Pin/Plunger Speed


so i did pin 1 all seemed to go ok....had sore leg like lactict acid for 2-3 days....so did pin 2 (week later) and tried injecting slowly to reduce impact of extra fluid in muscle etc....BUT....this caused me to move the needle around prob way to much (trauma) and at 1 inch the slightest movement up top is enough at the bottom im sure (and yeah kinda sore today)....so now i was thinking perhaps push plunger faster..2ml...pin 2 i took say just under 1 min...any thoughts?


Just go relatively slow, dont over think things.


Your speed was good; oil can seep within the muscle only at a slow rate. If injected suddenly, a cavity must be forced open. I’d suggest finding a way to steady the needle better. That’s hard to do when new to injections, as it’s easy to be keyed up while doing it. They’ll get better.


Funny story from my first cycle:

I had purchased quite a few 25Gx1.5" needles to inject my oils with.
25G is too small to be using for oils, and the 1.5" length makes it worse than if it was a shorter needle.

Drawing my oils took AGES even when the oils were heated.
There would be SERIOUS vacuum bubbles forming in the syringe barrel because the oil didn’t want to enter.
I was also drawing 3CC shots so this was a serious chore.

Injecting was less than easy.
I would be pressing the plunger so hard that I was afraid my thumb might slip off of it (this force also is what makes the needle want to bend or rip sideways because your thumb isn’t dead center on the plunger).
My whole hand would be trembling to the point where the needle would repeatedly start to pull out and I would have to push it back in all the way.


I recommend holding the needle with the index and middle finger under the two tabs rather than holding the barrel in your fist.
Try to center your thumb on the plunger.
The slower you inject, the less tendancy there is for the needle to try to tear sideways (but I don’t think the needle tip is actually tearing your muscle when the needle ‘tilts’, I think either your muscle is ‘bending’, or the actual needle is bending elastically).


25g is perfect for injecting oils unless you have girly hands. Use a larger gauge to draw from vial.


Yes, 25 gauge is excellent.

When impatient about drawing, an answer is to draw with a larger gauge needle and then swap.

Pressure is moderate unless trying to inject faster than is best anyway. It’s not a race and it’s not as if it’s costing $100/minute to inject or anything like that. It’s roughly a minute of one’s time! Or less if less than 1 cc.

Nurses inject far faster of course but they don’t care if they’re opening up cavities in your muscle: saving some seconds of their time is more important to them. For them, it’s a drag race. But there’s no good reason to emulate how they do it.


thanks guys!