Pin Height On Bench

Hey guys, started using the layer again but I can’t remember the height at which the bar was set from the chest? Is it the same distance also for the incline / decline?

Cheers all

2-4" is a good starting point

For both incline and decline

the best results i’ve experienced is using the higher pin settings as a layer in itself.

  1. i usually ramp up with pins as close to my chest as possible (luckily i can get <1/2 an inch for inc and dec).
  2. then i do my 90% work i.e 8-10 sets of 3.
  3. then i set the pins a notch up (2.5-3 inches) and i shoot for 3-4 sets of max reps whilst still using 90% of ramp - i usually hit 7-12 reps per set depending on whether i’m ramping to 1,2,3 or 5rm.

i found it to be a great way to get in some mechanical volume, whilst still using the most weight possible from your ramp. my chest was visually bigger/fuller after about 3-4 pressing sessions this way!
-the most impressive change was actually in my triceps. i guess they play a bigger role when the ROM is shortened.

I believe it’s nearly all chest way down there at the bottom of the range so that makes sense. Working through different portions of the ROM is a good mechanical drop set method, just removing the extremes of the range, where you are generally weakest, as you progress.