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Pin 1 Gram Once/Wk or Split Throughout the Week? Is ODing on Gear Possible?

Got in a discussion and it appears my boys prefer to inject 1gram in one go, rather than what I would do: break it up into for shots of 250 4 times over the week or 330 3 times a week. I don’t think it is especiall healthy or optimal for such a spike at the beginning of your and due to half lifes you are wasting all that gear. Who is correct?

Second issue, I say there is now way you can over does and die from injecting steroids. May prolong use can effect the internal organs but it doesn’t work like heroin. Takers?

Better to spit it up.

Very hard to OD. So hard, I don’t think it has been done yet. It will certainly impact your heart, kidneys, and liver over time. IMO, heavy use is pretty taxing on the body and will almost for sure lower your life span if you do it for a long enough duration. Both duration and dose are the key here. TRT can be run for decades, a high dose blast will likely not kill you. Blasting and cruising for a decade with high doses, and I would bet money the heart is enlarged.

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Assuming he’s a pretty seasoned user, the neurotransmitter rush from a single large shot would probably be pretty motivating.

Prob die from.the amount of jacking off this would induce!


Lol!!! The visuals!!