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Pimsleur Approach?

Just wanted to see if anyone has used any of these products before I spend the approx. $275 for one of the courses. Ease in learning, etc…

Thanks for your input.

Someone I know is using it to learn spanish and says they’ve picked up a lot.

He got his copy from the library - they have the whole Spanish set as well as other languages.

Pimsleur is a good program, as long as you’re not relying soley on it. Doing a little grammar/reading/writing work along with a program will really help.
In my opinion, the best language learning programs are from Michel Thomas. Try searching for his stuff just to compare. His techniques, I believe, engrain the language more into your brain than just memorizing phrases.

i downloaded like 8 of them

if you stay very dedicated to them and actually immerse yourself in the language (for instance watch television programs/ movies in the language… go to cultural events, etc)

I believe that you can pick up the language pretty damn proficiently by the time you finish the course.

Friend of mine used the German ones, and I was pretty impressed with his level when we actually went to Germany. Based solely on that, yeah they’re worth it.

I have a copy for Italian… I think that the key with learning the language is doing it often (and sticking with it). What I like about the course is that they are set up in 30 minute sessions… It’s perfect for cardio, that is, usually I’ll run for about 30 minutes (with music) then walk for 30 and listen to the course material. Of course, I get a lot of looks as I repeat the phrases… :stuck_out_tongue: