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Ok,I am 18. Someone here mentioned SOMEWHERE that at this age,our bodies are like “steroid factories” and since I realize steroids causes acne,is this why I have acne now? I am a guy.
I don’t know if our bodies have high T-levels that’s why we got acne or something? I am curious…because I wanna get rid of this fucking pimples soon…

Well increased T levels could for sure play a role in you acne, but there is also genetics to consider. If your dad or mom had acne then you will probably have it also. I know there are some products and treatments available at drug stores and health food stores. Also your doctor has a handful of different things he could prescribe like tetracycline. You would probably want to look up side effects on any drugs before taking. My two cents.

Yes, it is the hormones. Try all the over the counter stuff. If that does not work see a doctor. He will prescribe you something tetracycling(SP), Retin-A, Accutane (last resort) etc. etc.

It took some low-dose anit-biotics to get rid of mine. Go ask your doc.

GRipper- go see your Dr or a dermatologist.
They can perscribe antibiotics or something
stronger if necessary that will help.

sorry, but pimples (without using roids)are usually a product of androgen sensitivity, rather than quantity. sufferers usually have normal levels of testosterone (which i guess is reassuring). SEE YOUR DOCTOR. he/ she should prescribe antibiotics (topical or oral) and/ or retinol- A (a topical medication). If that hasn’t produced significant results within 12 weeks, get on Accutane (a powerful oral medication that stops pimples recurring permanently, rather than simply stemming the tide). Don’t take no for an answer - many doctors do not treat acne seriously. find one that does.

Thanks ppl!Your advice is greatly appreciated!

I went to a dermatologist when I was a kid and tried the varioius tetracycline[sp] but it wasn’t until I took Accutane did I reallly see it stop. When you take it you have to get blood test ever month or so. I took it for 6 months I believe and it shut down the pimple production big time. The only shitty side effect I had were dry chapped lips (so dry the cracked and bled) and dry dry flaky skin. After I got off it, I was lazy, never really washed my face and I still didn’t get pimples. I would look into it. I’m now 24 and get the ocassional zit, to sum up, well worth it.

It definitely isn’t the amount of testosterone you have but the amount of DHT it’s converted to. Yes if you have hormonal acne, it’s a 98% chance that it’s caused by DHT. I had the same problem I started taking 10 grams of b5 a day to reduce my sebum levels, and Saw palmetto to inhibit DHT conversion. I didn’t go on any drugs and yet it worked, something to think about.

I never had acne but my friend did have it pretty bad in High Shcool he tried the anti biotics & everything but they didn’t work. Finally he got on Acutane-it is harsh with side effects but it works! It is the Anadrol of Acnd Fighters.
In fact in High Shcool everyone who got on that stuff made a complete 180 in complection.

I just want to tell you to try other remedies before asking for accutane, also if its the first thing a doc recomends see another doc. Yes it does work, but it destoys the oil glands in your skin and you may have a problem with wrinkles when you get older. I used it and it worked but I had BAD acne when I was young,as of now (I’m 31) I don’t have wrinkle problems but it does worry me. you may not care about whats gonna happen in 15-20yrs but eventualy you will. peace

I have had acne lately too, damn finaplix. I was advised by someone to go to the drugstore and pick up a product called Hibiclens. It’s over the counter and its what doctors scrub down with before they operate, and is very antibacterial. Also, I started using nolvadex. I don’t know which worked but all of my acne is gone! It was just on my back and shoulders, but it’s gone. If you get the hibiclens you have to be very careful using it, and can’t use it on your face because it will blind you.

I second what everbody said about Accutane! After taking it a couple of years back, I now get compliments on how great my skin is (apparently youthful and smooth) from people who never saw my acne (which really wasn’t as bad as you see on some teens, but it was the cystic type). In summary, the stuff is great! See your doc - he should refer you to a dermatologist. I combatted the dry lips with vasoline, but then changed to Paw Paw cream (from a health food shop) which was excellent and really helped my lips! Carry some moisturiser in your pocket (one of those mini tubes or something) for the dry skin. It is possible that you’ll be able to avoid these two major side effects if you get on top of them early.

Hey Bruva,u said “dry skin” but on which part of the body? Face right?

How much does Accutane cost? Hetyey,of course I’ll try other alternatives…

Also,when does acne usually disappear in life?
EArly 20s? (I am talking natural pimples,not the ones coming from Fina)

I had dry skin primarily around my mouth, and mainly on my face. I guess it varies for everybody, because I only ever have had acne on my face. I’m still getting the occasional pimples 2 years after my treatment ended. I didn’t expect never to get another pimple throughout the rest of my life. It is nothing serious though (like I said, I get compliments about my skin), and I can get away without caring for my skin like I should (although I still do!). I wonder if the whole Clearasil type industry is actually doing anybody any good? Afterall, as far as I know, acne isn’t really related to bacteria? Or is it?

any of you former Accutane users ever take roids after your treatment? did the acne come back bad, or does the damage/ destruction it does to your oil glands prevent you getting it again?

yeah i used 2 take accutane and it cleared everything up then i started juice’in and it came back but not as bad. Basically what accutane does is dry the fuck out of the poors shrinking them permenantly but when u start doing roids your skin gets oily again and u break out again. But I don’t give a shit about a pimple or 2, its get big or go home and if any1 says anything i will pop them like a pimple

Accutane will definitely do the trick. I had tried all OTC treatments for several years and they did nothing. I finally found a doctor who took the condition seriously; previous Doc’s often ended their office visit with the words, “you should be growing out of it soon, try this cream.” I finally got on Accutane in my early twenties after many years of ineffective OTC and Rx treatments including several different anti-biotics, creams, special soaps, etc. BTW B5 never worked for me and I gave it a 6 mo try, simply gave me the runs. Accutane was pretty harsh on the skin, lots of peeling and dryness during the 5 month course. However, the acne was gone forever and I have had no recurring breakouts over the last few years. I never had any problems with the drug and would recommend it to individuals with serious acne who had exhausted other treatments.

drink a ton of water, work out often, eat well, shower right after your workouts.

this thread is almost four years old… do people still get zits?