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Pimples with D-bol

Hi Gang

Im frontloading with 30mgs of d-bol a day and im into my 7th day and have and getting more big ass pimples. Well i dont know if u would call them pimples because they seem to be just huge blood blisted looking things on my upper back. My face and everything else is clear,just 2 big pimply things at the moment but i really dont want anymore because these suckas are going to scar.

I take doxycycline and use a acne wash.

Does anyone have an explination why the d-bol brings up these pimple type things on the upper back?


Bro, dbol is a very androgenic steroid and along with it comes the propensity to cause androgen related side effects such as alopecia,acne,increased prostate etc.
IMO, the only effective oral acne treatment is accutane…I tried all the minocyclines, tetracyclines, etc. and none of them worked for me.

It’s been about 4yrs. since my treatment and have clear skin even on cycle…I just wash w/ cetaphil and that keeps me acne free.
I wish you the best of luck-acne is one of those things that you have very little control over.


are u taking just dianabol?i’m curious cause my freinds bringing a thousand dianabol tabs back from the midwest with him and he wants me to break out another cycle with him.i have no expierence with dianabol and if it is just d-bol i would really like to know how it works for you.i’m kind of scared to take an oral with all of the liver complications.plus i’m kind of partial to stabing myself.does anyone think its a waste not to stack the d-bol with some test?its really hard to come buy for me,but i’ll wait if its worth it


Yes im just taking the d-bol at 30mgs for 5 weeks,thats all i have enough for.But ive been on for 1 week already and put on 5 pounds AFTER A FREAKIN WEEK.i know a lot would be water but im looking huge.Im just one of those people who respong great to d-bol apart from the fuckin pimples i suppose.Since i last wrote here no more pimples have come up (touch wood) so thats goos news for me.
If u have more q’s dont hesitate to ask.