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Pimples from Weight Training


I have always followed a push/pull routine but, I have been out of school so, for the last month and half I have been training 2x a day hitting the same body parts with lower reps. The results have been great so far but, it seems I have been getting pimples due to it. Diet, daily habits, everything else has stayed the same.

Could it be the the high blood pressure during training, test, hormones? Obviously if you are not prone to acne this may not be a problem but, I had acne (nothing major) when I was younger and thought I was passed it. I have been getting the best results ever, so a few pimples here and there is not going to stop me from continuing with 2x a day, I was just wondering if it could be the cause.

If this belongs in the get a life forum please move.


Probably has more to do with hygiene. You should probably shower twice a day too.


Well, let him start showing daily first, im not sure hes even doing that yet.


Take a fucking shower after each workout ya gross ass noob


Yeah! And Italian showers and whore baths do not count.


Hmmm, your pimple issue sounds like the result of excessive creatinez use.

Is this true, bro?


Italian showers? I don't thinking rubbing marinara sauce and pepperonis on your body will clear up zits


Ha, perhaps the guido and guidette culture of the Northeast hasn't reach Cali.

An Italian shower is where you spray yourself with cologne/perfume/axe spray in place of an actual shower.


That's not nearly as cool


Yeah. And I shudder thinking of what a whore bath is...


that is called a mexican shower here


Well I thought that was pretty clear.... Oooooobviously that's where you take a bath in vaginal fluid that has been collected from prostitutes


Come on mam... We all know that Mexicans don't shower... They're too poor


That's what I feared...

[edit] Which joint in TJ has this special?


So un-PC...I LOVE it!


That's why you only fuck with HALF Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. Don't you guys know ANYTHING?


We call that a prostitute shower here.


A mexican shower is obviously when you stand over a sink and cup/splash water into your armpits with your hands and scrub with a lightly soaped paper towel.

Also...thats racist.


I'm surprised no1 made a connection to the terms "wetback" and "Mexican shower" in their jokes. Fucking amateurs!


pissing into wind = mexican shower