Pimples and Zits

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I bet there are some informative threads if you search.

In fact, I know there are; I started one.[/quote]

Nice avatar. Awesome stretch marks.

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I will weight until after PCT, then weigh myself as I’ll be lighter then, I’m expecting to weigh about 95kg, so I’m looking at about 45mg per day, do you think 6 months will be adequate? I was hoping 3 months, though if I do this I’d like to do it properly. Thanks GGlife[/quote]

Run it for 3 months and then see how your acne is first. Personally I would run it for 1 full month after I have no more pimples in order to have the best chance of getting rid of the acne forever

I’m on doxycycline for cystic acne, it’s worked wonders for me. Although it can really upset your stomach so I always take it with dinner. However, with any antibiotic they (the Dermatologist) will also prescribe a topical cream. I’m allergic to benzyl peroxide, so the one I’m using is much milder. For the smaller stuff microdermabrasion is a miracle worker.

mm…i get cystic acne in the worst places, it often comes back in the same spot, i usually get it after i drink pop or a really sugary drink, or milk…both of these things i avoid like they are the plague.

Hi, thanks to everyone who offered their advice on this here thread.
I’d just like to let you know how I’m getting on, BONEZ, your suggestion of upping the adex dose seemed to help immensely, and helped me manage to stop ‘outbreaks’ from continuing, so thank you very much.

The poster who said they had been using benzyl peroxide 10%, thank you I have been routinely using this and washing the affected areas with Nizoral and things seem to be very much under control now, Just the occasional ‘cyst/ zit’ now and I currently have only one which is healing up nicely now. The scars or marks are also healing up steadily with 1000iu of vitamin E per day plus fish oil and C. I didn’t need to use the Doxycycline and still have it on standby for a rainy which I hope never comes.
Thanks people, all greatly appreciated…