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Pimple Breakouts On My Back!


I finished my 8 week cycle of Trenbolone, Enathate, & Winstrol. I've been developing major break outs all over my back. Is this normal and how long does it last? I've been off my cycle for about a month, its emabarassing taking off my shirt to see my back marked up with a whole bunch of black marks and pimples. Anyone has any suggestions or information I neek to know? Its much appreciated. Thanks

Blk Qbano


Nizoral cream is quite good for hormonal acne.


I often have no problems with acne on-cycle and, almost the moment I come off, have ugly break-outs all over my chest and shoulders.

That's the price we pay, my friend.


No shit? I'll have to try this.



The thing I don't understand is why all the pro's don't have this issue, at least from what I can see.

I got pretty bad back acne and after being off for about 1 1/2 months it is finally clearing up.

I'd like to know how the pro's deal with this.


They don't often come off... lol :slightly_smiling:


I use 6-8g VB5 (Pantothenic Acid) while on cycle to help prevent and minimize acne...it also gives some crazy vivid dreams.


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Here is some stuff that I do since I had acne since my teen age years.

I use a moisturizing body wash (Ivory) that I add hydrogen peroxide to. The ratio is about an 1/8 hydrogen peroxide to the soap. I use this all over my body with no problems.

This used 2 or once a day during summer is perfect. Or once every other day if your in dry conditions or in winter.

Next I use bump stopper(available at Walmart) for those cystic acne that is red and inflamed. It does take some stretching to apply to my back. But it works well to shrink the inflammation of the acne. 2 to 3 days and its almost gone.

Worth a try if you have nothing to lose.



I agree with Bushy. Breakouts are more often than not Estrogen related. When my E2 used to climb too high, my back and shoulders would break out until my E2 was back to "normal". Now I use an AI, and I never break out anymore.


Thanks for the helpfull tips guys..

Bushy you mentioned something about estrogen is making my skin break out. Whats AI? You mentioned that'll prevent any breakouts, please get back to me with the full name "AI" so I can try that out. Thanks again!


You ran all of those compounds and do not know what an AI is? Wow!

AI is "aromatase inhibitor". I'll leave the rest up to you, type it in a search engine and start reading. And please be more responible with AAS use in the future.


Two examples of AIs are:

1) Adex (liquid suspension form or Anastrazole sold by research chemical companies over the Internet - simple search will turn some up). It is very economical while the tablet form "Arimidex" is very expensive.

2) Letro (Letrozole) also available from research chem companies and even cheaper than Adex.

Both are highly effective. Letro is reputed to be more inclined to lower estrogen too much if dosed too high. With trial and error after starting at a recommended dose; your optimal dose can easily be determined

(upping dose if too much water retention & sensitive nipples / lowering dose if achy joints & diminished libido / optimal dose if good libido & none of above)


I had issues with acne, part of it was estrogen control but I also ran a low dose of accutane for about 6 weeks. no more acne issues. accutane is known to be tough on your liver, hence the 1/4 dose for my body weight.

You can find accutane online still.