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Pimp Tax


Sad? Funny? You tell me. I just don't think it's going to work:


Although that is how they got Capone, right?


Bitch better have my money...before I get audited.


How the hell do they tax illegal activity? Pimps are supposed to file W-2's for prostitutes? And this is Iowa, not Nevada? WTF?!

Is it just me, or is this Senator totally off his rocker. I think he must be hanging with pimps and fucking whores a little too much, that he thinks its a legitimate industry.

Uh, how about just arresting people who violate the law? I suppose this just went totally over my head.


I'm sure it did. I personally don't see why prostitution is "illegal" to begin with. If some guy wants to screw some random hoe, why can't he and pay for it?


Never said I don't agree with that. What I find completely insane is that they want to tax something now that they've made illegal. Doesn't it have to be a legitimate business first?


Tax them and check them for STD's.

Too much untaxed money in the underground economy.


It works like this: You are out doing something illegal, and they bust you for it. They hit you for the crime, and then they hit you for not paying your tax. It is just another way for the government to steal your money.
Some states have tax stamps for illegal drugs. They only actually sell the stamps to collectors. If you were actually a drug dealer and had one of the stamps, I am sure some prosecutor would use this info when he prosecutes you.


They don't expect them to pay the tax... it's just another way to give them jail time. Specifically, 10 years for each prostitute that doesn't have a w-2 filed. So if you're 20-30 7-8 hoes is a life sentence more or less...


This just all goes to show how much them dirty fuckers love to tax, create new taxes, adjust taxes to be more regressive, tax on top of that, and then tax again. After all, its how they get our money to funnel to the rich capitalists in the form of corporate welfare (subsidies) and government contracts. Then the rich contribute to the politician's "campaign fund". Goddammit!

"Let them march and protest all they want, as long as they keep paying their taxes"
- Alexander Haig, Reagan era Secretary of State


Then it truly is retarded. The oldest profession on the planet, and they think they will stop it by taxing it? Silly Rabbits, when will they stop trying to control everyone?


Stopping it, oh no. There is no money to be made in stopping it. Fining people who are doing it, now that's where the money is. If you do it this way, you can still appear sanctimonious.


it's legal in most euro cities and even in Scotland [that's where Braveheart,Billy Connoly and tweed come from]

Can't see why it's not legal really, sure some sponsorship deals could be worked out


Technically, you have to report all income. This is not new.

Because it would violate 5th amendment rights if pimps/drug dealers/etc. were to be prosecuted for reporting income, there is a procedure to file confidentially and with protection from prosecution.

If some pimps/madams go ahead and start paying the tax and filing w-2s, it takes away one more argument for the illegality of the trade: "Hey, I'm a tax-paying businessman!"


2 guys sitting in jail. The first one asked the second what he was in for? The second replied "tax evasion". First man asked "What kinda business?" Second replied "Manager of Ho's R Us." First man says "Didn't anyone tell you to only let your ladies service men orally. That way it's a tax write off." Second man says "how's that?" First man says "Easy! It's a business lunch!"

Tax loophole found already.....