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Pimp My 2009 Diet


Hey all,

I am a 22 years old student, I have worked out for one year and a half now. I am 6ft tall and currently 182 pounds (145 when I started).

I train 3x a week, with a FB bodyweight training method (developed by a guy named O.Lafay and Well known in France now).

I have determined I need 2400 at maintenance and am aiming for a 2800cals bulking Diet.

HEre's the plan right now:

Meal 1: 30g whey + 10g almonds + 2 fish caps

Meal 2: (Breakfast): 100g buckwheat flakes + 2 eggs + 2 kiwi fruits+ 2 fish caps + 15g casein

Meal 3: 40g almonds + 40g hazelnuts

Meal 4 (Lunch): 150g fish or steak or poultry + Veggies + 3tbsps olive oil + apple cider vinegar

Meal 5: 40g almonds + 40g hazelnuts

Meal 6: 150g fish or steak or poultry + Veggies + 3tbsps olive oil + apple cider vinegar+ 2 fish caps

Meal 7: 30g casein + 3caps ZMA

I train in the morning, right after Meal 1.
I would have a pwo and delay Meal 2 then, my PWO being 30g whey isolate + 10cl full milk + water + 5g creatine.

When I don't train I split my creatine intake on meal 2,4 and 6.

I also drink approximately 1,5l of tea (white/red/green) throughout the day)

Thank you for your time and advices,


What's a buckwheat flake?


It's like oatmeal, except the cereal is buckwheat and not oats.


I'm 170 lbs and my maintenance is your bulking amount. If you're even remotely active, I doubt 2800 is gonna be enough to grow. Especially given the high rep nature of most bodyweight workouts, there's gonna be a high metabolic demand...

I'd say that meals 3&5 are too low in protein- replace one of the nuts for some kind of lean protein (whey, jerky, chicken, tuna etc). I'd also add another 30g of casein before bed, and try to up the fish oil a lil bit. Unless those caps are Flameout, theyre probably really low in DHA and EPA.


When you wake up, you are in a fasted state and liver glycogen is depleted. The liver holds around 50g of carbohydrates with some variation.

Replenishing the liver's glycogen stores will make you stronger during your workout and keep your blood glucose levels stable.

Basically you want to have some carbs in that meal 1 before lifting. Fruit is good because of the fructose.

I would consider meal 3 and 5 snacks but your overall protein intake looks ok, maybe a little bit low but you don't have a macro breakdown.

The only change I strongly recommend is that you could use some more carbs in the meals following "Breakfast". More carbs around the workout period is a really good idea for a huge number of reasons.

Other than that it looks good 2me. Healthy.


Dude, nuts are NOT a meal. They're a snack between meals. You need protein with every meal. There is very little protein in that diet, and most of it comes in powder form. You need to seriously re-evaluate this.


You gained 40 pounds of muscle on a bodyweight-only training program in one and a half years? Interesting. However, if your gains should stall in the future, I would think about switching to weights.

As others already mentioned your diet looks ok except meal 3 and 4 which should also have protein. Calories seem a tad low but you can always bump them up, if you are not gaining.