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Pimp Getting Knocked Out

Just thought that this might brighten someone’s day.

Although I do wish the guy would have done more, but oh well maybe next time.

ha what was that a knife hand bitch slap?


Thanks for the chuckle…I needed it…

Funny video but that guy who does the voice overs for that show is annoying. If you listened to him enough, you’d think that policemen are bionic robots who are indestrcutable and only do good.

Ha, that was great.

I’m pretty sure the voiceover guy is or was a sheriff at one time. So he might be a lil biased.

That looks like a great tricep/rear delt maneuver. Might make a great addition to any workout. Does anybody know where to get a good pimp?Ironwoody?Universal?Elitefts?

What’s especailly funny about that is the pimp is trying to be aa tough guy, and yet he looks like he totally can’t fight, never come at a person straight, lean your body give them less of a target to hit

I tried that punch out last night on my daughter. Put her out like a light.

That was funny…the pimp never attacked the karate master, he didn’t raise his arms up or touch him or anything. The guy that does the voice over is the host from “Cops”.