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Pilot: 'Gays, Grannies and Grandes' in Chicago


A pilot says some politically incorrect things that are accidentaly caught on microphone. He is suspended and sent to sensitivity training, which someone called a reeducation camp! And in the article they even bleeped out fag usin f*g instead??? Since when did fag become a "swear-word"???

And why does he have to attend sensitivity training to fly a plane!!! Does being politically incorrect factor into his ability to fly a plane? If a gay pilot made some "offensive" remarks about christians, I guarantee it would be overlooked.



Well, you know the answer to all of these questions. We live in a very controlled society now because of political correctness. We really don't have the freedom of speech that we did even 20 years ago.

Not that I agree with the pilot who is obviously a moron.


Headhunter, (btw, be a dear and drop that silly charade)
I see a bigger problem with so-called sex addiction.

To a degree I can understand certain minorities getting thin skin.

But it's relatively new that hot blooded males cannot have (a) mistress(es) without much trouble.
Yesterday's "affair" is today's "sex-scandal" .

I blame gay republicans for paving the road with their endless lies about not really lusting for manass and how praying can heal this diabolic behaviour.


The very least is a refresher course on how his micro actually works and an iq test.

While the lack of bangable chicks in Chicago is certainly deplorable, there really is no need to examine that situation in detail on a channel that is reserved for air traffic control.


Wow, you took a shot at both republicans AND God in the same sentence in a thread that doesn't really have anything to do with either one.

I can see now how this stuff eats away at you. It must be awful huh?

Oh well...


It's like the wives of these pilots are doing all the hiring specifically to prevent these airstuds from getting laid.


lol this is what strikes me about it too. The comments weren't meant to be public, so I don't think the guy needs to be reprimanded for them in and of themselves. But when I fly, I want a pilot that knows how to work a microphone, and one that preferably doesn't spend too much time thinking about "party-land".