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Pills to Replace Flax Oils?


I've been taking 2-3 tablespoons of Flax oil, each of which have 14g (total) of fat.

I wanted to take pills instead, but it seems like I would have to take far too many to get the same amount of EFAs as 2-3tablespoons of the oil.

Is there any product out there that has more oil per capsule so I wouldn't have to take so many?

I don't mind taking a larger pill, it's the amount of pills at a time that I'd prefer not to take.

Also, what brands do you use?

Thanks in advance.


Advanced Orthomolecular Research makes a product called GLA-240. It contains borage oil, which is more potent than flax and unlike flax, is pre-"activated" which makes it readily available for people with delta-6 desaturase like myself.


Correction, that should read "people with a delta-6 desaturase deficiency like myself."


You could try iherb.com, I get alot of my vitamins there. As far as the flax seed oil in caps, I don't know because I prefer the teaspoon method.


Okay, I've got sporadic Internet access tonight but I wanted to respond to a few threads while I have time.

You might simply consider freshly ground flax seeds, as 2 tbsp provide about 2.5 g linoleate (n-3 fatty acid) along with other benefits such as fiber and lignans. There is still some concern that too many grams of linoleate (as can be done with the oil quite easily) may be a bit problematic.

A cheap coffee grinder works great or they can be store-bought in a vacuum sealed bag/ box that can be refrigerated after opening.