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Pill's a day

How many pills does everyone take a day? I have been very consistent with all of my supplementation for about 3 years. Although sometimes I think that I am going a little overboard. Including everything, EFA’s, antioxidants, bb supps, I take about 30 pills a day. I eat 7 times each day, so I take about 4 pills with each meal. Is this too much?

Nope. I’m in the neighborhood of 25 fish oil softgels alone each day. Through in antioxidants, multi, ALA, tribex, vitex, and myostat, and I’ve probably got you beat! Don’t worry; as long as you’re prioritizing, you should be able to afford what you think is important.

you cant have too much of a good thing.

I take 7 pills per day, all vitamins (Multi, C & E).


Right now, I’m at 13 from a multi, vit C and E, and fish oils. In a few days, I’ll be up to 16, when I add ZMA.

I hate when people try to say I’m “unhealthy” because I take a lot of pills. Yeah, I take around 30 a day too, but half are fish oil and 5-6 more are vitamins. You can’t place a number on what’s good and what’s bad. Nothing I take is as toxic as Tylenol, which most people take without even thinking.

I have 15-20 fish oil caps with each meal that warrants them, usually twice a day.

I take 85 pills per day and this is just for maintanence. For my contest 3 weeks ago, i was taking over 150 pills per day. I take 9 tablets as a multivitamin pack. I take 10 pills per meal (6 meals per day, 7 meals on training days) and i take another supplement that requires 8 pills in the AM and 8 more before training. It may sound like a lot, but i’m very use to it and it payed off with a 1st place win in the middleweights and 2nd overall at the NPC national qualifying Central State Championships. I’m a lifetime natural bodybuilder and this was non tested show.

it’s not the number of pills you take, but the substance and the quantity. you’d probably blow up if you were taking 1 anadrol-50 and 1 winny 50mg pill a day. :slight_smile: laters pk

Thanks everyone! I am still going to try to prioritize my vit supplementation so that during any given maintenance phase my supplementation backbone doesn’t consist of more than 20 pills. (counting efa’s but not specialties). However I really do hate to assign a number to this, being that I truly believe it is a means to a healthier me and this decision should be made based on those priorities.

I think most people have a parinoia about taking pills. When most people see me taking pills, they ask “How many do you take of those a day.” Then they say “That can’t be too healthy.” But they don’t realize it’s fish oil and that it is just fat. Actually when I tried to get others on diet, they seem antsy about taking even 10 fish pills.

I take 18 pills in the morning, and another 20 in the afternoon. These include multi-vit/mineral, antioxidants, herbals, etc. That doesn’t include any of the Biotest supps I take on occasional cycles.