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HEy guys

I have read some stuff that says sleeping with a pillow is not that good for u, and its better to not sleep with one.

My question is, do u sleep with a pillow, and do u think sleeping with or without one is better for u?




If thats true, I'm fucked. I have like 6 or 7


Bad for you....? I guess with more pillows it's easier for an enemy intruder to suffocate you. Other than that major argument I would like to see some evidence of whether it's possible to comfortably sleep without them.


Why the hell would anybody want to sleep without a pillow? thats just foolish.


I mostly sleep on my side and I can't imagine doing that without a pillow. I also can't imagine sleeping on my back. It just seems to me that you need some neck support.



I can easily sleep with or without a pillow(s) & I've never had any back/neck problems whatsoever.


Because of recurring shoulder pain that can wake me up, I sleep kind of on my left side due to having my head on two pillows and one tucked under my right shoulder. Plus I usually hug another one and curl up around it.

So, I think pillows are necessary for me to sleep well. I need 4 total just for me.


Here's what I have read:

  • If sleeping on your back, use as flat a pillow as possible. You do not want a big, fluffy pillow that pushes your head forward.

  • When sleeping on the side, have a pillow that is sufficiently large that it keeps your neck from bending down to meet it. The idea is to keep a straight spine.

  • When sleeping on the side, use a pillow between your legs to keep the spine in alignment.

  • Above all, make sure that you can move freely and do not artificially constrain your movements; most people move around their beds all night long, frequently changing position. Trying to prevent this natural change of position is detrimental.

-Bottom line: If you're comfortable and you aren't having back or neck problems, leave well enough alone.


I am here thinking how this could be possible.

Unless you are a giraffe or maybe your head is the size of a freakin' water melon. I don't see anyway that no pillow could be good for you, especially your neck.

Or are you one of these skinny kids with scrawny shoulders and the thickness of your skull is bigger then the thickness of your body?


The Tempurpedic contour pillows (the ones that are shaped so as to cradle your head) are the absolute shiznit. They're pricey, though (I think $119 each, or something).


Sleep with a pillow?! I sleep with my wife thank you very much!


Hahaha yeah same. I have 5 pillows, a sheet, and two comforters. I might as well not have a mattress.


I often sleep without a pillow, especially when I'm on my back or stomach. If I'm on my side, I usually use one.

Pillows tend to push my head forward to much (if I'm on my back) or hyperextend it (if I'm on my stomach.)

Sometimes hugging a pillow is more relaxing than resting my head on one, but that's probably just because I'm weird.


I have 1 fairly flat pillow. Usually though I sleep on my stomach with my face turned to one side. Probably not a good way to sleep, but it's what I'm used to.


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I've had some recurring neck pain from a couple of car accidents. Actually, it was fine for a long time, until I fell asleep on the ferry at Xmas time. Anyhow, a contour pillow was recomended. I guess I cheaped out, because the one I bought is as hard as a fucking brick. I figured the chick on the package looked so godamn comfortable, I'd give it a try for one night. I did not sleep a wink all night, but I toughed it out, for I'll-be-fucked-if-I-know-why.

I am still using the same pillow, but I put a regular pillow on top of it, so I think I get some support from the contour pillow, but some comfort from the fluffy one. I think I should spring for the real deal next time.

\|/ 3Toes


Pillows? damn I thought this thread was about tits

Any ways a nice feather pillow is comfortable and keeps your head cooler than a poly fill in my opinion.

I also sleep on my side with a pillow under my head and over my arm and usaully one between my legs. It's pretty comfortable. I try to sleep with 4 pillows but my wife gets pissed when I jack hers so I typically only sleep with two.



i dont use pillows, but that doesnt say much im a weird sleeper. no pillows, no sheets, no clothes, on my futon sofa(to lazy to lay it into a bed eveynight, and raise back up in morning), only a cold comforter