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Pill Pics: Is My Gear (Test, Dbol) Legit?

Okay so the supposed 50mg dbol should be on the left and the two test are on the right, I’m in America. Is this stuff legit?

Impossible to answer. all UGLs package their stuff differently.

Can you get testosterone in pill form??? Asking for a friend…

The one on the left is a pre-natal vitamin and those are two bleached out Mike-n-Ikes on the right.



Haha, so the two on the right (test) are capsules with brown powder inside and the pill on the right is just a thick pill. I don’t know how to tell if it’s legit this is my first steroid cycle

Never seen dbol look like that but who knows. Test pill… no.

Their capsules with brown powder idk tbh

dbol can potentially look like anything. A UGL can press the pill from the raws into any shape they want to. If someone wanted to make dbol look like a star, a square, an oval, whatever, they could do it. So that being said, any oral could come in any shape. So it’s impossible to know what this is.

As for the caps, same thing applies. ‘brown powder’ means absolutely nothing.

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This is the second time I’ve seen a thread like this and there is no way this person isn’t trolling.

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If these labs are taking suggestions, might I offer…



lol yup, left looks like Aleve lol

LOL I agree. Looks like the ibuproferon I have on my desk at work. Almost exactly. Flip was right that it could literally be anything and dbol can be any shape, but I would say you either got screwed or someone sold you a prohormone with a similar name.

honestly, I think this is a troll post, and I bet if he turned over the white pill it would have a stamp on it.

someone needs to make flintstones dbol tho

EDIT: and it also needs to be chewable, with that weird chalky yet somehow addictive texture/taste.


Bro I’d love to chow down on a bottle full of chewables or gummies

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Fuck that. Chewy vitamins scare me. I’d rather stick with needles.

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Methyltestosterone or testosterone undecanoate in pill form.

The two white are zma

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