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Pilates/Yoga Ball as a Chair

I work at in office in a cubicle. My brother recently told me a guy he works with at his office uses a yoga ball to sit on in place of a computer chair (apparently the guy is in great shape)

Is this something worth looking in toâ?¦…or will I just look retarded at work for very little gain?

I had an old coworker who did it. Sat on a big 65cm ball. She looked pretty goofy bouncing around in it. You will look retarded. But it probably won’t hurt. Might even help.

you will look retarded

You will look retarded but it will help your back if you have back pains. It teaches you to bend at the waist when you sit and not in the back.

I have one at home I use when I work from home. It forces your posture to be good. yes you will look retarded.

Youll look silly, but… if you have lower back pain, or want a free ab workout sit in one without resting your elbows on a desk… after an hour or two your abs will start to hurt from forcing good posture…

plus when you want to have an impromptu beach party its a beach ball !!

hmmm sounds like its more on the retarded side then the useful side