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Pilates and sauna


so guys what do u think about pilates and sauna...? im doing pilates 1 day a week, it really helps with your flexibility and your abs, I started it 2 weeks ago, and im going like 5 min in the sauna like 2 or 3 times a week, what do u think about this? im trying to gain muscle mass, but im trying to reduce a little my fat mass, plz let me know what you think about this


Welcome to the forum, angelo. Before we set something off here, please tell us that you aren't JUST doing pilates. Please tell us that you are lifting very heavy weights over and over and eating plenty (a lot) of protein, and the pilates thing is just something you do on the side.

If this is the case, then have no fear. Pilates will not hurt your progress in the gym, as long as you don't do it right before a strength-training session. All that stretching and low-intensity isometrics will weaken your ability to produce maximum force in a heavy workout. As far as burning fat, well... if you are getting out of breath and feeling your heart race during pilates then you might be trying too hard. My impression of the whole deal was that it was all about breath control and mental coordination with your muscles. You might be better served with HIIT or low-intensity jogging and whatnot for burning calories. But, I am no pilates expert here, this is just what I gathered from the couple of classes I took just to see what all the hype was about. Fill us in on the details and maybe we can give you a better answer than this.


yes I just do it on the side I go to the gym to do heavy training, I just wanted to try it out :-), and yes the day I do pilates its before my trainig I know its bad but its the only time I can do it :frowning:


I'm thinking about taking pilates as an easy class that requires no work. My reason for doing it is to help me get some flexibility in my legs. You said that it can influence your workouts. Do you think it'd influence mine by much if I have the class from 2:00 - 2:50 with practice beggining around 3:15ish with a mile warmup after that and stretching and drills. With the workout starting around 4? Thanks in advanced.


I find for flexibility and core strength -- ass to grass overhead squats and the same with front squats (olympic grip elbows high). If you can do those your are flexible enough and if you can't, practice them and you will be...


Yeah, I use the sauna for weight loss all the time. I lost 15 pounds in two weeks with the sauna! There's something about inactivity that makes the pounds fall off.


Just a comment:

I don't do pilates but i do ashtanga yoga. Why? Isn't yoga for girls?

Well, i see a lot of lifters who only lift. Sure, some of them do have a big bench. But they waddle about the gym like penguins because they have no flexibility and balance.

And, in a few years, they start having problems with their rotators etc.

Meanwhile, some of the yoga guys have strength and flexibility when they are seniors.

coincidence? maybe. It depends on whether your goals are just big numbers, or whether you want to be fit.



I personally think Pilates is very useful. I have noticed that many lifters have injuries and postural imbalances, and I also noticed that Pilates exercises basically address those extremely common imbalances. For example, if you do Pilates, you should correct any anterior pelvic tilt. You should also develop good core endurance, which is important for preventing and treating back injuries.

So, I see Pilates as helpful for good posture and injury prevention. Not for building muscle and not for burning fat (despite infomercial claims to the contrary).

And I personally don't see any benefit to sauna. It makes you sweat, that's all. How helpful can it be? It was 105 degrees here in CA the other day. Like being in a sauna all day long. All it's gonna do is maybe dehydrate you and for sure dry the heck out of your skin and hair. Folks who live in the desert live in a sauna all summer long, and they aren't any leaner than anyone else.