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Hey, Pikachu gets into the groove of Renegade Training! And look kids, at the fun he’s having!

MBE – do you want to post the link to the movie of Pikachu getting his turds burgled by the terrier, or shall I?

You do the honors Zev.


O I so adore Pikachu! :slight_smile:


I think the link is http://media.ebaumsworld.com/pooch.mov

That might be one of the funniest damn videos I have ever seen. That dog went to town on that thing.

Anyone seen the Optimus Prime vs. Picachu movie floating around the net?

It can be found off of Kazaa, hilarious stuff.

To funny, the ending it’s just to touching a real chick flick for sure

 Dont you just love Patricia? Always coming up with cute things and keeping us t-men from killing each other...