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Pigtown Power: Scott K's Powerlifting and Living Hood Rich log

New log for the upcoming new year for the tens of people who actually follow my log. Right now I just finished a raw meet where I totaled 1337 at 270. The goal of this year is simply 1400+ total. For the start of this log I will be running the cube for 10 weeks. I am on 2 more days of rest and then I shall start the cube.

Day 1 Heavy Deads

Deficit Dead 5 sets of 2 420lbs
Snatch Grip Deads 1 set of 8 340lbs
Barbell row 4 sets of 5 225
Shrug no straps 225x12, 245x12, 245x9 grip failed there
Dimmel Dead 1 set of 15 135
plank holds 2 sets

So far I am a fan of the set up and the workout today was good. There is quite a bit of freedom with this program so I am setting it up in a way that makes sense to me. All my heavy deads will be from a deficit and reps will be from blocks. Speed pulls will be from the floor. If I can pull it from a deficit, I can pull it from the floor.

Side note, snatch grip deads suck ass and hurt so I am sure it will help.

Bench Explosive Day
Floor Press 8x3 185lbs
incline dumbbell 3x15 70’s
pressdowns 100 reps
standing dumbbell overhead press 3x10 30’s, 35’s, 40’s
flys 3x15 30’s
spread eagle sit ups 3x8

squat day reps

1 set of 8 345lbs
wide stance gms 105lbs for 3 sets of 8
oly squats 50 reps 135lbs had to rack it 3 times

kind of a humbling work out today rep work is something I have not done lately

accessory work day
overhead press 3x8 115lbs
klokov press 2x10 65lbs
curls 3x8 85
T-bar row variation 3x8 100lb plate
decline sit ups 3 sets of 10

my 1st week impression of the cube method is good. I feel as though I am doing things that I have neglected and that this will be a good 10 weeks for me. No plans yet for a competition so I got some time to build what needs to be built. Overhead pressing will be a mainstay for me throughout this cycle. Also core work is going to get stepped up. I have some goals in mind.

Barbell row- no reason to not be able to row 275 for 5 reps by the end of this
Overhead Press- Needs to be over 200lbs, for so long I have neglected this and my poor bench shows it
Deficit Deads- would like to get this in the 500’s
Paused squatting- this really helps me and I need to do it more often

Overhead Press… I finally beat you at something.

yea you crush me on overheads

So I got an email from the promoter of the competition I just did and apparently I totaled 1339 not 1337. Not like it makes a difference but in the spirit of accuracy.

speed deads 15 second rest 12 reps with 315
during these I pulled so hard on one of the reps that I bounced the bar off my junk…not good
Snatch Grip Deads 3 sets of 8 275
Close stance paused squat 225 for 3 sets of 8
Shrugs 3x12 255
lat pulldown 4 sets of 10 130lbs
back raises 50
leg raises 3 sets of 10

This program seems to tax my entire back a lot more than I have in the past. Snatch grip deads are just awful to perform but I do like them.

Bench reps day
incline 205x3 dropped down to 185x5
incline dumbbell 50lbs 2x20
close grip bench 185 3x10
flys 3x15 30lbs
pushdowns 100
military press 3x10 95lbs

today was like the day of all the stuff I hate doing. My incline press is abysmal and my overhead pressing equally sucks. My triceps were absolutely fried at the end of this. Days like today really suck but its lifts I can not neglect any longer if I want to have a bigger total.

Squat day heavy 5 sets 2 385lbs
Gm’s 3x8 135
Leg press 2x20 3 plates
Leg curls 50

Awful day, I’m sick and on top of that some d-bag was doing 21’s next to me and kept throwing the bar down on my gym back…I about flipped shit

accessory day
standing overhead press 135lbs for 3x6
weird russian behind the neck press 95lbs for 6 reps
biceps curl 4x12 with 25’s on each side of the curl bar
chest supported row 100lb plate and a 25lb plate for 3 sets of 8
decline sit ups 3x12

overall a good day. I am definatly digging all the overhead pressing. My shoulders are actually filling out a bit which is real good. My lats are also filling in which is my other upper body weakness. I am keeping these lifts for one more accessory week then I am going to change some of them.

block pulls 365x8
oly paused squat 3x250, 3x265, 3x280
bent over rows 4x6 235lbs
shrugs 3x12 275lbs
leg raises 30

felt ok today not great but the paused squats were real easy so I moved up weight

heavy bench
went with the 2 board today
250x2 (too easy), 265x2, 275x2, 285x2 (still easy), 300x2, decided to go for a PR 320x2
bench 21’s with 155 this was awful feeling
lat pulldowns 3x12 140lbs
average band pressdown 100 total reps
db shrugs 3x15 55lbs
military press 3x12 at 95 last set at 100lbs

Today was good, I knew after the bar was flying up that I wanted to go for a big lift. 320 for 2 was even easy. I guess this thing is working. I feel much stronger in my set up since I have been overhead pressing and really crushing my lats.

You liking the cube so far?

yea I do, Its a good change for me plus it allows me to really hit what I am crappy at. I guess the real question will be how much have I improved on my total. But my lifts are starting to feel stronger.

explosive squats…sort of
squat 8x3 275lbs short rest

oly squat 5x5 225

leg press 15 reps and stopped here due to pain

I am dealing with some back pain and leg pain issues. 3 days ago I had to try to kick in a door that had a re-enforced deadbolt on it. Needless to say my ankle and shin are not doing so great. Plus I had to sit for 20 hours and watch a tower of lights over the last 2 day which I can tell today my hips did not enjoy.

I will be pounding fish oil and naproxen over the next few days.

some news, well I got real sick the last two days so basically I could not hit the gym. I feel good enough to at least bench today and will piece this week together. Also I found out that there will be an April meet in Maryland which I will do. I am going to switch back to Josh’s method because I can gauge where my lifts will be at better than just jumping in there using the cube. So basically for 2 more weeks I am going to do the cube and treat it like off season stuff then start my prep using Joshstrength.

So basically I will cut the cube 4 weeks short. I like it and will use it in the future. I have learned that if something works stick to it. And Josh’s program works for me.

I feel as though I can still make progress in my overheads and barbell row for the next few weeks. If I can get some money together I will go back under Josh’s guidance if he has available slots.

speed bench 6x2 195 + average bands
incline press 1 set 15 with 75’s and then fire in the hole!

I am not better aparently and am still sick. Left the gym and did unspeakable things at home.

being sick sucks.

sickness update…life handed me a deload. Lets see I have coughed up shit a 20 year smoker would and my respitory system is that of a 50 year old obease man instead of the 29 year old obease man I am. Either way I am finally starting to feel like I am not going to die so I am just scraping this week up to mobility work and getting better. I hate missing the gym. I am starting my competition training cycle this friday.