Pigging While Sick

Everytime i get sick this happens. I’m sick right now as a matter of fact…102 temp, bad cold…what do i do? I eat shitty food and pig out to feel better. Im talkin mnarshmellows…pudding…fuckin corndogs…sausage…bacon…pancakes…tons of gatorade…sherbert…to name a few. In the past two days of being sick and having a fever i have eaten those foods. How much of a negative effect is this going to have on my recent fatloss progress?

depends on how much crap you eat, and how much you expend to heal the body. It aint going to help the BF lowering that for damn sure or your health.

It sure as fuck tastes good tho.

I find my food choices change when I am sick, too. Not that I head straight for the twinkies, but I eat alot more carbs. I’ll go for Tim Horton’s muffins, shit like that.

I just started a new job, after 22 years at the old place. Right from day 1, I was eating differently. Mostly, more carbs. Probably, because I am working harder, and need the energy.

There may be some physical reason, why you eat certain foods when you’re sick. Or maybe, you just feel like it. I dunno.

But, if you’re planning on a long illness, or lots of short bouts of sickness, you may want to reduce the amount of crap you eat. Especially, if you’re laying on the couch watching Oprah all day.

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Don’t go too crazy on the sweets(in fact I wouldn’t even touch them if I were you). I read somewhere that sugar temporarily dampens the activity of certain immune cells, which is the last thing you need when your sick.

The body needs more carbs, especially when you’re running a fever.

I find when I get sick I shed body fat like crazy. Thats with eating like shit and sucking back Ensures.