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Pigeon Toed Girlfriend


Hi friends,

My girlfriend is a pigeon and she walks around with her toes pointed inwards.

Is there anyway to correct this? It looks awkward and it often looks like she is about to fall over her own feet, which she occasionally does. She also drags her feet a bit and her arm sway is exaggerated. She is an ex-competitive swimmer and still swims a bit for water polo, which I think may have got something to do with her inward pointing toes.

Anyone else have experience with this? Any chance that corrective exercises will work? I have read that doing GHRs with her feet turned outwards can sometimes help??



To eliminate? No, females tend to have increased anteversion, this is a bony deformity and in most instances cannot be fully eliminated. You can certainly attempt to decrease the deviation, how successful you are is variable. And yes competitive swimming can lead to laxity in the MCL especially if they did the breast stroke.


I would think theBird prefers a girl w/ pigeon toes.


How would one attempt to decrease the deviation?
Does anteversion have any implications in the weight room? Im currently teaching her how to lift.



Increased anteversion is believed to be a contributing factor for knee injuries, as the internally rotated femur typically causes an increased valgum at the knee (your knees end up in, almost knock-kneed), add this with an increased Q-angle typically seen in women which decreases vastus lateralis effectiveness and you have a recipe for ACL tears. Valgum position plus attempting to decelerate is one of the mechanisms for non-contact ACL tears. For the weight room it depends, it can surely effect squatting and any plyometrics that you might be doing. Make sure to cue her to keep her knees out if your going to be doing any landing/jumping activities. As far as correction goes, its hard for me to really give any suggestions sitting behind a computer. The first thing to do would be to see if see can self correct. My guess is that standing with her feet straight (if possible) will feel awkward. To improve you would most likely have to combine improving femoral external rotation via stretching of the internal rotators (figure 4 above 90 etc) in conjunction with external rotation strengthening. Again, the pathology is most likely bony and may only be partially correctable. You also have to consider if you do attempt to correct her deviation you might expose the joint to forces it is not accustomed too, placing her at risk for other pathology.


BHOLL; thanks. Im going to start working on GHRs with her feet turned outwards and Ill make sure she goes "knees out" with squats and jumps.



maybe you should consult the Kama Sutra on positions that might help aleviate the problem.


Haha. I have already tried that.



I, too, found it hilarious that the bird has a pigeon toed girlfriend!

I was going to suggest that she might have a problem with her legs being internally rotated. I was going to suggest x-band walks.
If you watch her front on when she jumps does she have knee cave?

How does she go with keeping her knees out on her squats?


Her squats are actually not too bad. She can only do about 40 kg for about 8 reps, and she does need to learn how to keep her core embraced a bit better, but besides that they are not too bad and the knees look good.

I might make her do some jumping and see what happens. If she allows me I might video it so I can show you.



Well... Some of the powerful women will likely be all over me for this... But 40kg for about 8 reps is pretty good! Honestly, when I started out I wasn't even strong enough to squat the bar lolz.

Though my having been in a wheelchair might have had something to do with it...

I guess I'm curious about how she chooses to set up her feet (the angle, the width) and what her knees are up to, yeah. What I'd most like to see is front on.

Maybe you can get her to wear your psycho mask?