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Pig LayOFF

I took a layoff of 1 month after reaching the best condition of my life 7% 195lbs. I was the happiest camper on the block finally I saw my abs life was great. Then some unexpected turmoil coupled with a move and finding a new place out of state and living with people who fed me my meals usually CRAP found me with no gym and eating taco bell and what ever was put infront of me. GUESS what I am fatter and I do have a little belly which makes me miserable considering where I came from but I had a great month not worrying about anything eating whataever and not working out. I am fatter but my set point is lower So I don’t’ think I could get above 13.5% regardless of what I eat and lack of training. So what I’m getting at is don’t worry about those times when things just don’t work out. I know I’ll be working out twice a day when I get back to the gym!!!