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Well there was a tattoo forum, so I figured why not a piercing one.

Send in pics, or stories about injuries with piercings in the weight room or working out


I have my ear pierced right now... its on the upper part, not on my earlobe.

Next year, at college I plan on getting a few more. I want my eyebrow, nape, nipple, and prince albert.


I'm somewhat disappointed to say that I have no piercing-related injuries.

My ear lobe isn't exactly a picture-worthy piercing, so I won't post it.

My apadravya is, but I'm not going to post it.

And that's all I have for now, though I do have plans to add more later.


I have a few piercings my self; neck, tounge, and both nipples. I also have had my eyebrow, and six surface piercings on my left shoulder.

Only problem i've had so far is with nipple piercings, the nipples stay hard, and tend to rub on my shirt. When running and other cardios they rub and I have had them become very sore, and even bleed.


I chipped the shit out of my front teeth on my tongue ring.

The day I got it down, I went out drinking and eating steak. It swole up to where I couldn't even get ahold of the balls to unscrew it and take the damn thing out. I could barely talk or swalow for a full week. My throat felt like I had swallowed razor blades.


ashos, thats where I want my neck piercing... does it give you any trouble while squatting?




I knew someone was going to say something like that to either the PA or my apadravya (I don't think anyone knows what that is).

The PA is really not a big deal at all. It's almost like getting caught in your zipper - except a bit more pricy.


I didn't know what it was, so I looked it up on Google. Uh...

Who was the first person to think of that?

"Hey, I know, let's ram a steel rod through my d!ck!"

Anyway, to each his own, but i'd set my running PR just getting away from the piercing dude.

Oh yeah, I did have nipple piercings, but as someone said, they stay hard and rub like hell.


I found a couple pics of my back piercings from a couple years ago.


haha, if it's any consolation, I used to think like that too. Then I started thinking of what it would be like and...BAM! needle through dick.


That's pretty cool. I assume those eventually worked their way out, right? Also, just out of curiosity (as I've never had a surface piercing), were those at all irritating?


No trouble with squatting, you may hit it with the bar while setting up, but thats about it.

It takes a couple months to heal up, but the skin around it will take about a year to adjust to the piercing, where it does not get irritated, from rubbing or moving it around (like if your sleeping and you roll around alot).


I used to have 2 on my lower left ear and 1 higher, 1 on my lower right ear and 1 higher, 1 left nose & 1 left eyebrow. All I Currently sport is 1 lower left ear and sometimes my higher left ear to. My left eaybrow piercing I miss the most but it did get ripped out and all I have to show for it is a scar. All my piercing's I did myself (pain is only a mere feeling one can overcome). I thought about repiercing those and A few new ones, but im still comtemplating wether to or not.I do all mine by hand, so its pretty time consuming to put them though my skin just right. Some say im crazy, I just call myself old fashioned(a little crazy).



That looks pretty cool.

Do you still have it?

I'm assuming the tatoo was first, then the piercings? It would seem easier to line up that way at least.


I've had a bunch throughout the years. Earlobes stretched to 1 inch, conch, hafada, reverse PA, septum, nostril, 2 per nipple. Now I'm only sporting the nipple rings and the earings (down to about 00 gauge or less), and sometimes I put in the septum ring to scare my grandmother.

No injuries to speak of, but I had to take the hafada out when I started cycling.


I wanna know (and this is a serious question) how the ladies react to the whole "steel rod through dick" especially the first time they see it?


Anyone with like a submarine anchor going through their nuts? Let's get creative people!


I had a bud whose PA was not a ring. It was a Master Lock. Once he was arrested for DUI. While removing his piercings he stated, "I hoped you've got a pair of bolt cutters" and dropped his pants. It almost cleared the the rooom.

I have 10 Ga. in my ears a tongue piercing. Used to have my nipples done but I took them out one night for a shower and forgot to put them back. By the next morning I could not get them back in.

The only problem I ever had was from tossing a 4x4 onto my deck. I overlooked the screw head sticking out. It caught one of the nipple rings..... That got my attention.

Basically, people have problems only when they get STUPID (like above). If you get your tongue pierced, then go to eating and drinking, you deserve to have problems. After my tongue was done, I started sucking on ice. Protein shakes were food for a few days and I practiced the recommended after care. Piercers give you after care recommendations for a reason.

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heh, that varies. Some are very turned on by it, while others are a bit more timid: "Um...you're going to take that out first, right?"