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Piercings & Tattoos


Who's got 'em? I'm bored and I figured this would help pass the time.

I got...


Lip ring (right side)
Left earlobe (8mm*)
Right Ear (2 Helix** piercings)
Tongue (for the ladies...***)

Tattoos (all Hindu stuff. Guess my religion! 10 points for the winner!):

Left outer forearm (Buddha. Yes, thats Hindu too.)

Left inner forearm (Ganesh)

Inner right bicep (Rama, firing an arrow)

Coiled around right arm (7-headed snake)

EDIT: I'd post pics, but that would involve buying a USB2.0 card and a digital camera that works. Last time I buy lots of Biotest products. Oh, who am I kidding.

(orders more Surge)


I don't have any yet, but plant to get started soon. I want both ears done, perhaps a top/bottom scheme, and a full sleeve as well.



I have a half sleave Japanese . want to get the other arm done soon.


I will stay free of ink and piercings. Not a religious thing. It's just that I don't need to wear someone else's art on my body to express who I am.


Ears are 6 GA hoops.
12 GA hoops in both nipples.
Top of left ear was pierced years ago as was tongue but both have since been removed.

First tattoo is less than 6 months away with a half sleeve going on my left arm.


Amazing. Who you are comes across quite well in your writing as well.


Just out of curiosity, are you Indian living in New Zealand, or a white/native NZer who adopted Hinduism? Awesome religion, by the way.

I was considering getting an ouroboros myself, or the Celtic Frost heptagram pictured in my avatar. These things can wait though.


one left forearm
one top of right arm

Will get another once I get paid off by work but they aint cheap to get done and most tattoos look crap if you are not careful...


Well,you know what they say,LT..

The only people that give a fuck about tattoos or piercings are those people that haven't got any.

I have both nipples and a PA.Tats on both upper arms and back.


I've had my nose, eyebrow and ears pireced in the past, but nothing now.

Right arm is sleeved, left is sleeved from just above the elbow down. Have pieces on my stomach, ribs, collarbone/traps, left pec and a big one on my left shin.

I was actually in the tattoo shop yesterday afternoon getting one touched up haha.




Thank goodness someone said it. I look at all of you with tatts and see $ signs. Only a few years away now from big time profits off tattoo removal.

I laugh at those with tribal tattoos. What tribe are you from?? Posers!

Everyone's got a tattoo to try to make them look different than the next guy. Funny thing is you all look just the same...full of meaningless ink and a lot less cash to show for it.


you mean they look like people who you would think could kick your ass? How does a tattoo translate into instant muscle, power, and skill? Riiiiiight.


Bigotry is sooooo interesting...


frenulum piercing


What made you want to pierce your dick? Not trying to start anything, just wondering what your motivation was. I can't imagine the searing pain being worth whatever benefit it brings, for me at least.


I have a topless chick on my side and a tribal piece on my back.

I don't really like either of them.


Greek Orthodox


Just got two new ones. Just the words "faith" and "integrity" in cursive on the front of each delt/chest area. Kinda like where Wanderlei Silva has one.


Standard ear piercings. Looking at ink, just can't decide on anything. Atlas on my back I always thought would be cool. Maybe something around my wrists too.