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Piercing Help..Need the Steel


Whats Up T-Nation

Yesterday was my birthday and I got a gift certificate to a tat/piercing place. I just left the store and it was pretty safe and clean looking....But the selection of metal they had was pretty basic

I'm just gonna ask here, does anyone know a site where I can order some decent eyebrow jewelery? 've been looking for a while and havent found much.

Any help will be appreciated



I order my body jewelry on Ebay - The sellers price the jewelry at wholesale, so I've gotten plugs (for stretched ears, not booty) for 5-10 bucks, got a nose ring today for 1.75. Most of it is sealed, but I always clean it before putting it in anyway.

Put up pics when you get your piercing!! And try to wait out the first few weeks before you change it, don't risk the infection for the sake of cooler jewelry - I've seen this way too often.


For cheap shit, painfulpleasures.com

For a little higher-quality (and slightly higher prices), thechaingang.com

And, it just occurred to me that you never mentioned where your girl got you that adjustable speed vibrating tongue ring.


Use the piercing they give you to start with. They use those to make sure the hole forms properly. If in doubt ask them if they can start you off with a particular piece, but listen to them.

1 Tongue
1 Lip
1 Ear lobe
2 Cartilage (Ear)

And of all those the cartilage ones were the worst. Can hear that shit CRUNCH.

And I want another now. GDI.


I hear that a silver stake through the heart is all the rage.



2 letters-PA. I will never take that out just because it hurt so GD bad!


bodycandy.com is semi-decent, but good luck getting any real steel, i.e. 6g or bigger.


If you're looking for jewelry or ideas go here. If you're into real extreme you'll love this site


Something for the ladies


check out : http://www.bodyartforms.com

just make sure you get stainless steel. that's what worked for me the best. anything else, and it's a bit harder to keep clean.

and like SpookMayest said, don't take it out to change it for at least 6 weeks. you may want to put some cool color beads on the barbell, but most of that material (like acrylics/plastics) can't be sterilized. you're just asking for an infection :wink:

good luck!


To the Dwarf, that is not cool AT ALL! That a very sensitive subject for my kind.

To Mr. T. I tried to send that link to you but I guess I sent it to the wrong person lol. It was such a long time ago. I'll find it again and send it to you.

Thanks for all the links T-Family. After searching them all I became stricken with a lust for this piece. Which I immidiately ordered.

I understand I have to wait to switch up the piece but thanks for showing some caring and guidance.


Lightning Bolt, behold its destructive force, stand in awe of its majesty. For it is the symbol that states my motto most clearly.

" Only from destruction can beauty and power be born"

Count Rockula


Those do not look comfortable. I can't get piercings because I always imagine them getting ripped off in a fight.


When role-playing goes too far.


You're calling yourself destructive and majestic?


Put it in your belly button.


As a side note, stick to stainless steel... the coatings they use to change the color will eventually come off and look like crap / fade.... it takes a year plus but if you had buying jewlery its something to think about.

Also, if your getting an MRI, the only jewlery you can have in is stainless steel, the rest is magnetic and can be ripped out / off...


Eyebrow eh? so you don't want a respectable job any time in the future I take it.

As a manager I wouldn't hire anyone with visible piercings or tattoos even if the person was more the qualified for the position. Why you may ask, well it is simple, the person shows lack of forethought and self control.



Because piercings (when removed) leave HUGE FUCKING HOLES that will NEVER close up.



Also, with regards to the MRI, I just had one done and I have both stainless and titanium in my various piercings. I left them all in, and had no issues.

It does depend on the type and duration of the MRI though.

IMO titanium is the best metal to get; it's the least likely to be rejected. As far as colored metal goes, it depends whether it's a color coating or part of the process of making the metal.


I miss my septum piercing.