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Piece of ass of the year II

Mrs Kournikova, would you like to grip my racket…

Dude, here we go again!!!

bigprljamfan, that is because t-vixens are sexy. guys just aren’t…

BP: Don’t contaminate the tread. Start your own tangent. Thanks for keeping things clean here! =0)

Don’t you dare post a dude on this thread prljamfan!!! ;o)

hey man, my ass was on the other thread, so you can look at it over there.

Im just wondering if any of you ever hang out with real live breathing women.

In keeping with the athletic nature of the original post, I submit Jodie Swallow (that really is her name), winner of the London Triathlon this year. More pictures available at:


Seems also there’s a controversy surrounding her “endowment” which stretches her sponsor logo beyond the ITU limits for logo size. Their actually porposing that an ITU official measure it at the start line to ensure that it’s within limits!


Yeah, no dudes. But I am sick of girls saying that the female body is just naturally more beautiful than the male body. The argument always comes down to, “penises are ugly.”

Okay, so the photo didn’t post the first time. Here it is.

Actually, BPJ, there’s a great site out there you can post your guy pics on called “Estrogen.com

I’m just kidding!


Leann Tweeden. Yum.

BigPearlJamFan…since you asked…

I will post a few of my bodybuilding friends for your viewing pleasure. There will be delay between posts to allow for editting…need to perfect my black box placement skills…

Anthos during competition.

I have some cool friends!

This is Matt

This one is actually my Brother, the person responsible for my abnormal obsession with muscles.

He was 5’9" and his max bench was 450.

oops. not enough coffee yet this morning to be posting…here is the pic.

01:02 PM

Georgia, USA
Im just wondering if any of you ever hang out with real live breathing women. “”

goldberg, how can we… vixens are in short supply and you aren’t helping matters by hoarding one to yourself…:stuck_out_tongue:

my friend Billy, the beginning of my friends that are natural.